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Jan 05, 2012
Boarding for two weeks
by: Beatrice

I created this blog about two week's ago and wrote about my two cats, Pandy the Siamese, and Argie, the Lilac Burmese and then it just seemed to have taken off!.

I hope that my comments and those of others have helped you come to a decision with regard to what to do for your holiday.

With best wishes,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Jan 05, 2012
2 week vacation
by: sherry montgomery

I want to thank the people who have left their thoughts on this issue. I must admit that I have been surprised by the response. I was unaware of this Siamese website. I adopted my two cats, one a lilac female siamese and a blue male siamese thru the Siamese rescue center in Virginia. I have always done my research etc. thru that site. I will continue to use this site now that I am aware of it.
Thank you for the advice. It has reaffirmed what I felt.
sherry montgomery

Jan 04, 2012
Boarding vs. Home Care
by: Anonymous

First, I'm sorry for the loss of your dear female. I'm sure it has been hard on both you and Sebastian. I think you are wise to weigh the options carefully. Two weeks either way will probably be a long time for him. I think that to board a 10-year-old who has never been boarded would be harder on him than being visited regularly by sitters. At least he will be in his familiar surroundings. Since Siamese can be even more attached to their people than other breeds, it would probably be good to consider 2-3 times a day visitations with a lot of attention being paid to him while they're there.

Jan 04, 2012
I agree
by: angelina diantonio

First ,pick your sitters very carefully.Two weeks is too long by himself I think. If you can ask your vet if they have any suggestions on petsitters or boarding facilities.

Jan 04, 2012
iamese being left alone
by: Beatrice


I have a Siamese cat called Pandy and I leave her with the Burmese male when we go away on holidays in the house. I get house-sitters in to stay with the two of them and so far it has worked very very well. Pick your house-sitters carefully, be sure you get "cat people" and do out a list of instructions before hand. Communication is the key! Sometimes if I do not have time to organise house-sitters, I have a wonderful cattery down the road, run by a veterinary nurse, and so far this has also worked well.

So my advice is to be well organised and have plan (a) and plan (b).

Best of luck,

Beatrice from Ireland

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