Lily, My Lap Cat!!!

by Ava Berg
(California )

Lily, My Lap Cat....

Lily, My Lap Cat....

Lily came to live in my home in July of 2009. My previous cat had died several years ago when it was accidently run over by a car. I was looking for an indoor cat, however I didn't know what kind to adopt. I came across an online adoption placement for a Siamese Snowshoe Sealpoint. I immediatley fell in love with her picture. Her name is Lily. I called the owner about the cat. He was reluctant to give her up however, both his twin children had severe allergies to the cat. They tried all sorts of treatments. When I came over for the adoption interview, I wasn't sure if the cat would like me. I heard that Siamese were one owner cats and extremely independent. No sooner than five minutes, Lily and I had bonded. This feline immediately came to me and jumped in my lap. It is said that a cat picks its owner. I then took her home and she has been a faithful companion ever since. She loves to sit on my lap and purr's affectionately. Lily has beautiful eyes and a coat to match. She never misses a meal and loves to give me her loud Siamese meow in the morning. I am very lucky to own such a beautiful cat and do have appreciation for this breed of cat.

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Oct 27, 2009
Your beautiful Lily
by: Anonymous

She is a beautiful cat. I bet she has you well trained and wrapped around her paw.


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