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Feb 18, 2012
Dr Elsey cat attract or precious cat litter?
by: my2wins

I have read about something that attracts cats, and I saw it yesterday when I was at Petco. Its called Dr Elsey cat attract. They have a litter and an additive. Hope this helps.

Here's a link

Feb 17, 2012
Litter Box
by: Beatrice

HI there,

Cats are very clean and they will always prefer to use a nice cat littler tray if it is kept clean and tidy. I think that he is confused as he is using the carpet, unless there is something wrong with him and he cannot make the cat little tray on time, has he diarrhoea or a bowel problem? If he spent time with his mother, at least 12 weeks, then he would have been taught how to use the cat tray from her. Be firm with him and show him the cat tray and put him into it. Raise your voice at him for the carpet but don't slap. Is there another cat using the cat tray whose smell he doesn't like.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Irelland.

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