Litter Box Location

litter box location

Most people choose litter box location in an out of the way area to reduce the amount of odor and to minimize tracking of litter throughout the house. But if the litter box ends up way down in the basement next to the washer and dryer on a cold cement floor, your kitty may develop litter box problems. After all, if you have a small kitten or older cat they may not be able to make it down a long flight of stairs in time to use the litter box. Also if the litter box is placed in a location that your cat rarely visits, she might forget where it is.

Putting the litter box near a furnace, or a washing machine and dryer may suddenly startle your cat while she is in the litter box. Such a frightening experience may cause cat litter box problems. Some cats like to scratch the surface surrounding the litter box. Your cat might find a cold cement floor unappealing.

If you want to keep the litter box location in a more private area, compromise. Go for privacy and convenience like the bathroom or a closet. Just make sure that the door is kept open to insure that your kitty is not trapped inside or locked out.

I have tried various locations in the attempt to hide the litter box from the eyes of friends and family. But hiding not only made it inconvenient for my cats but for me when I had to clean it. My “giant” litter box (it’s actually a large storage bin) is in a room that is in between the kitchen and living room. It is considered the dining room but I call it the “cat room”. I decided that for the comfort of me and the cats that I do not care what people think about the location of the litter box.

Here you will find a great video from a cat behaviorist on the amount, kinds, and placements of litter boxes in a multi-cat home - Prevent Litter Box Problems

How Many Litter Boxes?

So how many litter boxes do you need? Data says that you should have as many litter boxes as you have cats. In this way none of your cats will be prevented from using the litter box if one of them is already occupied. It is also recommended that you place at least one litter box on each level of your house. Some cats do not like using a litter box after another cat has used it. Some breeds like long-haired cats seem to be pickier about using the litter box after other cats.

How many do I have? For many years I used one very large litter pan, actually it is a very large storage bin. For years it worked great for my multi-cat home. Though I have had some runabouts with my cats thinking “outside of the box” I have always been able to encourage them to go back to the large litter bin with success. When I got my present Siamese, she had litter box problems. I had to increase the number of litter boxes. She refused to share the litter box with my other cats and eliminated outside the box. Now I have three litter boxes, that I keep very clean. The Siamese is happy and now she relieves herself in the litter box. I vary the litter box location at times, my cats do not seem to mind, having them at different locations around the house. 

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