Litter Box Problems

Litter box problems

Due to litter box problems shelters and pounds are overly crowded with cats. It is the number one reason why there are so many homeless kitties, and why people decide to cast their cats to the outside world. Many people who have multi-cat homes, including myself have had problems with the cat not using litter box. After all the more cats you have the more likely you might experience cat litter box problems.

Most cats prefer to relieve themselves in a loose grainy substance like dirt or sand, this is why cats quickly learn to use the litter box. All they need is to be shown the litter box, and that’s it. But when your cat’s preferences include the bed, the laundry basket, or the Persian rug, than that becomes a major problem. I have one kitty who after many, many years of using the litter box, decided that he wanted to eliminate in the upstairs bedroom. When my newest cat was a kitten, he preferred the corners of my living room and behind my television. The cat that I have had the most problems with is my present Siamese. It took a lot of patients and persistance to get her to use the litter box. If your cat has a problem not using the litter box, please do not give up. There is usually a key reason why your cat may not be using the litter box. Below are various reasons. All of the problems I had with my cats were solved.

By taking a closer look at your cat’s environment you should be able to easily identify the factors that contribute to the litter problems. Once identified, you will be able to make changes that will encourage your cat to use the litter box again.

Solving Litter Box Problems

Solving Litter Box Problems

Surface Preference

Location Preferences

Preventing Problems with the Litter Box

Litter Training?

I have often seen ads in newspapers about “free kitten to good home, kitten has been litter trained”. There really is no such thing as litter training a cat in the way you would house train a dog. A cat does not need to be taught how to use the litter box , it is an innate ability, something that is taught by Mother Nature. What you need to do is to provide an adequate assessable litter box using the suggestions below.

Litter Box Location

Types of Cat Litter

How Many Litter Boxes?

Types of Litter Boxes

Cat Spraying

It is easy to confuse cat spraying with urinating, but behaviorally they are very different.

What is Cat Spraying?

How to Stop Cat Spraying

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