Location Preferences

Location Preferences

Your cat might have location preferences other than the litter box if:

• She prefers quiet protected places such as in a closet, under a desk, or beneath a staircase.

• She eliminates in a location where the litter box was previously located.

• She eliminates in a different level of your home like the upstairs bedroom away from where the litter box is located.

What to do – Make the location preferences less appealing to your cat. Use upside-down carpet runner, aluminum foil, or citrus scented cotton balls in the area. You can try putting a litter box near the preferred location, when she has consistently used the litter box, you can start gradually moving the litter box to a more convenient location. You can also place water bowls in the preferred location, cats do not like to eliminate in their food or drinking areas. If your cat has litter box problems it is also very helpful to put a litter box on every level of your home.

When my cat all of a sudden started eliminating in an upstairs bed room, I just made sure that the door remained shut, after a couple of weeks, I left the door opened again and the problem was solved. When my kitten preferred the corners of my living room and behind the television I would try to catch him in the act. I would make a loud noise and then place him in the litter box, though he did not seem interested in the litter box. After thoroughly cleaning the soiled area I would smother the preferred location with carpet fresh and left it on the area for a few days. He did not like the strong fragrance and started using the litter box, problem solved. In these occurrences I made the location preferences less appealing to my cats.

One thing that I use that is not the norm is that I do not use a conventional litter box. I have a multi-cat home and a normal litter box is too small. I use one large storage bin. It is larger and deeper than typical litter boxes. I have always used this type of box ever since I had a multi-cat home which has been many years.

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