Love my Siamese kittens !

by angelina

My grandmother had a beautiful Traditional Siamese , Charlie Wong , while I was young. He passed away when I was 6 . I think he was 20 years old . I always wanted a Siamese cat ! My two Silver Tailed Persians passed the last couple of months . They were twin sisters ! Could not live without each other ! Passed exactly two months apart. I rescued them and they were the loves of my life. Everyone used to say how lucky they were to have me . It was just the opposite I was the lucky one ! They saved me a million times over ! I wanted to rescue again and looked on . Found one I liked but she was taken by another family. The woman said come get a kitten they are dying. I always thought no one would take the older ones and to adopt them . I never thought of kittens dying because their were so many. I saw that these two gorgeous kittens were rescued form a kill shelter in Virginia. I thought how would I ever get them . Turns out miracles do happen if you pray. The Humane Society in Virginia has a truck that goes to North Jersey once a week. I drove the 4 hours that turned into 6 hours because I got lost. Used map-quest will not do that again ! I the picked up my beauties. We have been together for a month. We are all in love !!!!! Cannot thank everyone enough !!!!!!! Go to !!!!!!!!

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Jun 22, 2010
Thanks Lynn !
by: Anonymous

Both my babies have fantastic personalities ! Love each other so much . They are both great with my kids !!! My daughter is 2 and picks them up all the time. I keep telling her to be careful. The cats just let her and love her ! They snuggle next to my newborn ! Of course under supervision. Thanks so much we are very happy !

Jun 21, 2010
you are so lucky
by: Lynn

Hi Angelina
I am so happy for you. They are so beautiful! There is only one thing better than a Siamese... and that's TWO Siamese! They are going to be so bonded together and love each other so much. You will have so much joy! I am sorry to hear about your loss of your beloved Persians. But I am so happy for your new babies. May all of you find joy and happiness together.


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