Loving Roscoe

by LaurieStockwell
(Oriental NC)

Downtown Roscoe Brown

Downtown Roscoe Brown

Think you can't find a quality kitty at a shelter? Meet Roscoe. He was turned in to the Onslow County (North Carolina) Municipal Shelter, at eight weeks old. His mom and all his litter-mates were solid black. Roscoe was then rescued by a wonderful no-kill shelter/sanctuary called Safe Harbor Farm, where we are full-time volunteers. We brought him into our home on September 1, 2009. We have always shared our lives with Siamese kids, but Roscoe is our first little boy cat. What a treat!! He is a non-stop ball of energy and makes us laugh a hundred times a day!

Question: How can Roscoe be such a Siamese with all-black mom and litter-mates? He is perhaps more chocolate point thatn seal point??

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Jan 10, 2010
what a special cat
by: Michelle

Mum was most probably a Ebony Point with seal points in her bloodline. He sure is perfect and he looks like a seal point to me, chocolate points appear to be much lighter and with a whiter body tone.

Dec 30, 2009
Shelter kitty
by: Lynn

He is so cute! I love your story and the promotion of shelters. I encourage all to seek shelters for their cats or Siamese. Could Roscoe's mom and siblings be orientals?

I would love to start promoting shelters and build pages for them. Please contact me at:




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