I have a beautifull 1 year old female siameze cat Mia. Yesterday, my daughter brought her two cats a 1 year old tabby and a 5 year old persian cat, both females. She had her cats installed in my office while Mia was on her own in the rest of the house as she uses the toilet for her "potty". Night time I tried to introduce the other two cats to Mia, one by one and it was Hell. She started hissing and clawing at me, actually jumped at me to attack me. She hissed at the other two that did not start a fight with her. Mia was in a total madness. I removed the two cats and installed them again in the office and I tried to calm Mia. She hissed adn growled at me like a dog. She tried to bite and scratch me as well. I held her on my lap trying to pet her, she would calm for a little while and out of the blue started growling, hissing clawing again. After she calmed a litle bit, I left the other cats in the room as well (my bedroom). They hissed a while but in the end Mia slept with me (no affection from her)in the bed, the older cat slept on teh other side of the bed and the kitten in front of the window under the blinds. In the mornig Mia started hissing at me again and to the older cat as well. As i had to go to work, I left Mia in the house and the two other cats in the Office. I will try to introduce them again tonight. What should or should not do to make them get along as they have to spend the next two weeks together?Please help

Thank you

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