(Houston, Texas)

My Lucy.

My Lucy.

Lucy is my baby girl. She was born on Christmas Day, 2009, and we took her home on February 19, 2010.

I can't believe how much personality she has! She LOVES being on my lap...or shoulder, back, head...whatever part of me that happens to be facing up at the moment.

Like other cats here, Lucy is fascinated with water. The second she hears a faucet she comes running. She will even climb INTO the shower! When she can't have running water, she prefers her water to be served in a human cup (plastic tumbler style). If you don't give her her own glass, she WILL help herself to yours.

She meets me at the door every time I come home. If I don't immediately give her some attention, she'll meow a bit. If that doesn't work, she'll get a few steps ahead of me and roll over onto her back - attempting a kitty road-block.

She follows me from room to room no matter what. If we go out onto the back porch, she sits by the window and meows until we come back in. I'm not sure I could love her any more than I already do...just looking at her makes me smile.

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Oct 16, 2015

Lucy is gorgeous! Do you have some more pictures of her? I'd love to see them!

Oct 03, 2010
pretty pretty kitty
by: Heather

She is very pretty! My cat likes it when I do a drip in the bathroom sink. He doesn't get in the shower with me, but he sits on the hamper next to the shower and watches me.

He also likes to peek out the window when I leave and make me feel guilty. He also back at the window when I would come home for work. It was like he could hear my car coming down the road.

Oct 03, 2010
Outside Harness
by: Judy

Our Siamese is like that when we go outside so we got her a harness and long light rope and she joins us outside....for hours.

Sep 05, 2010
Your beautiful Lucy
by: Lynn

Lucy is beautiful! You can tell she is bubbling over with personality. Sounds like she is doing well at dominating the home and training her humans.

Sep 03, 2010
Stunning beauty
by: angelina diantonio

Lucy is gorgeous on the inside and out!Looking into her eyes I can see her beautiful soul!

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