by Stazia DiMarca
(Manchester, NH)

LuLu gets what she wants

LuLu gets what she wants

My Siamese, LuLu, is one of the cleverest cats I have met in my entire life. She loves to chat and can win the heart of even the meanest of cat-haters. When I needed to find an apartment and FAST, it seemed no one wanted me to move in because I came with a cat.

Everyone told me that I should give her back to her breeder or put her up for adoption so I could find somewhere. I refused! There's no way I'm giving up a pet just to accommodate anyone else. I finally ended up lying to my landlady, saying I have no cats, so I could move in a nice, spacious apartment.

A few months down the road, my landlady gave me a surprise visit. She had been in the area and wanted to see how my furnace was working since it had been acting up. I was diligent in making sure my place didn't smell of cat, and at first she didn't notice a thing. Not until LuLu strutted in and let out one of her Siamese meows of "Reet!"

Of course my landlady was upset. "I said no cats." she began, and told me that she hates how cats scratch and stink up the apartments. I was afraid she would evict me, until LuLu hopped up on the arm of my chair and just stared at her with those big blue eyes. My landlady hesitantly patted her head, and LuLu gave what I call 'dreamy eyes' as if that was the best pat she ever received.

My landlady realized I was doing a good job of keeping the apartment clean and fresh smelling. She never smelled litter in the past, and nothing was all clawed and beaten up.

In the end LuLu and I got to stay, though I had to pay a deposit. But it's because of LuLu's charm that we didn't get in to any more trouble.

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Sep 25, 2012
by: Ethel

I forgot to ad that by baby boy that I loss looked just like LuLU, his name was MiLuv.


Sep 25, 2012
Blue point siamese kitten
by: Ethels

I just lost my beautiful baby boy of 7 years old. He was born with a heart disease, and even though he had the best doctors his beautful life was so short. Because of his heart my husband and I took him with us whenever we traveled and never left him alone. He loved both of us, but I hand raised him so he was more partial to me. He slept with his head next to mine, followed me all over, talked to me; he was my best friend next to my husband. I cry daily and cannot get over him not being at home waiting for me. I miss him soo much.

I am looking for another male blue point kitten. Please dontact me if you have one for sale.

Apr 19, 2012
Just worship and adore cats!!!
by: John K. Benfield , III

I worship and adore all cats! My parents had a Roundhead before I was born, so I grew up thinkIng that they were family members-and they are!
I had a female Blue Point from 1974to 1979. She was stolen and I still mourn her 33 tears later. Only a true Cat Person can understand this!
She was completely human!! ( the GOOD parts of humans ).
I have two Roundheads now, along with a gray striped and spotted Tabby. They love me and I worship them.
I can not think of never seeing any of my Preciouses again and I think they are right there in Heaven along with our other Precious human-animals!
Other than my Cat-LOving wife, I prefer Cats to humans.


Feb 27, 2011
they know
by: charlie

My cat crystal also would go to cat haters, she would get up on the table and get in their faces and purr and meow until they patted her.
good on you lulu.

Nov 10, 2010
I love this story
by: Juliann

I lived in a beautiful apartment and the owner would not allow cats. Finally his daughter convinced him to let me have a cat. A few years later when I moved out - he sent a letter with the full deposit returned saying he'd never had a renter leave a place so clean and that he changed his mind about cats!

My girl Emma is a mixed Siamese - I have no idea what - I just love every moment with her.

Nov 06, 2010
LuLu is a cutie
by: Rebecca

I love you cat. LuLu is beautiful. I have a Chocolate Point. Now I want more of them.

Oct 12, 2010
by: angelina diantonio

Beautiful cat.I love the picture !!!!! Love all the stories !!!!

Oct 11, 2010
What a beauty!
by: Lynn

LuLu is the cat on my "Blue Point" page... Stazia found the page and contacted me... I am so tickled about it! She is so beautiful and beams with an amazing personality!

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