Lynx Point Siamese Cat

I decided to go ahead and dedicate an entire page to the Lynx Point Siamese Cat. Their popularity seems to be increasing, and my present Siamese is a Blue Lynx Point. The Lynx Point Siamese cats are also known as “Tabby Points” and they get their distinctive appearance from the crosses between Siamese and Tabbies. There is a debate as to whether or not they are considered part of the Siamese breed. On my page The Color Point Shorthairs, they are considered among the other hybrid breeds of Siamese that include the Red Points and the Tortie Points. Breeding began in the 1940s but did not become common until 20 years later. 

Varieties of Lynx Point Siamese Cat

These beautiful cats have defined stripes around their eyes and cheeks, their legs and tails have rings. Like the regular point Siamese, their bodies are generally pale and will darken with age. As they darken, their stripes will become more prominent. Besides the general four major colors of seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac, they portray quite of a variety such as cinnamon, caramel, apricot, cream and red. Just like the typical Siamese trait, many have crossed eyes which lessen as they mature. 

Cat associations will classify them differently. According to the American Cat Fanciers’ Association, the Lynx Point Siamese are classified as Colorpoint Shorthairs. The GCCF (Governing Council of Cat Fancy in the UK) classifies them as Tabby Point Siamese. 

Playful, Loyal, & Intelligent

Though they may not have that typical harsh Siamese voice, and perhaps not as vocal, they still exhibit the Siamese personality. They are playful, loyal, and highly intelligent. They are typically more laid back and fit in well with the whole family. Lynxies are very intense and love to show off and are very affectionate. 

Deandra my blue lynx point, is the diva of the house. That is her picture on the top of this page. Everything about her is larger than life, which is typical for all Siamese. It’s like our world rotates around her. She loves to be loved, and always wants to be looked at. She is down right adorable. She always wants to be the center of attention. I adore her so much; it is such a privilege to have her as my fur baby. Although there was a huge adjustment at the beginning bringing her into the house, after all, I have 3 other cats, all the cats adjusted to her though she really does think she is entitled. 

I highly recommend this breed, you will me amazed, adored, entertained and smothered in Siamese affection! I can see why the Lynx Point Siaese has gotten very popular, they really are a true beauty. 

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