Lynx Point Siamese

by Jordan
(Clarksville, Indiana)

My cat had a litter of 6 kittens. 2 of which were lynx point siamese once they were old enough to give away, I gave oe of the siamese to my brother and his girlfriend. I had not found a home for the second one a home yet. I'm concerned about the other kittens right now because both the lynx point siamese kittens died for no reason. They were healthy and showed no symptoms of being sick. Do they have something genetic that could cause this or make them sick in any way? Should I be worried about the other kittens? they are only 8 weeks old now.

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Oct 05, 2011
Sick Kittens
by: Anonymous

There are so many dangerous things for kittens out there. You should keep people (strangers) away from the kittens until they are older - 12 weeks? At around 7-8 weeks, if kittens are exposed they can develop FIP which is a killer. There is not a cure. I lost a burmese kitten to this disease. The breeder did not reimburse or replace my kitten.... replacement is really impossible because she was so awesome. Fortunately I bought sisters, and the sister was stronger and did not develop FIP. There are tests that can be done now to check. I took my kitten to the PA Vet Hosp/Coll in Philadelphia. They were absolutely awesome. My sister has had the lighter point siameses and they have had tremendous problems with autoimmune diseases which resulted in their passing. She now adopts siamese mix strays and they seem to be a healthier and heartier breed mix. I wish you the best. Best advice, see a specialist. The PA Vet Hosp/Coll has the greatest resources and they were reasonable and caring and there was a "team" of vets and senior students.

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