Lynx Point Siamese?

by Marc
(Albuquerque, NM)

Hi, I've been told that my cat, Leia is a lynx point siamese, which seems to be true except for her personality. They are usually very vocal, affecionate, needy and confident. Leia is playful, skittish, and hides whenever anyone else is around. She's very mellow and cranky usually, not vocal or needy at all. She pretty much just likes me. Are there any others out there like this?

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Jun 20, 2020
9-year-old male lynx point NEW
by: Katie

I love him very much, but he has never warmed to me. He likes to follow me around and be near me, but won't let me hold him for more than a few seconds, won't sit in my lap or sleep near my head.
He's very skittish and high-strung. Sometimes even just dropping a pen on the floor and he'll startle and take off, lol.
He's also very dramatique, and when he wants in he will literally climb the window until we come over. He can be quite vocal. Despite all this is he very sweet and docile and never would intentionally lash out at anyone. He always submits to other cats and is rarely scared of them. He hardly ever hisses.
It is hard to love him sometimes bc he's not cuddly and he's always on edge but I still adore him.

Mar 07, 2016
by: Flannigan

Hi, i also have a lynx point that can be a bit skittish as well and all we have ever done is spoiled and loved on her. She loves to be brushed and snuggles every night- but will NEVER sit on your lap. Cuddle or pay any attention to us during the day. Its good to hear that others experience this distant attitude sometimes, because i thought it was only ours that acted so weird sometimes. She even lowers her back when you try to pet her most of the time.

Sep 07, 2014
zoe - Our Lynx Point Siamese
by: Norma

Zoe is our 6 year old cat and we love her dearly. From day one she was skittish and we thought she would grow out of it. She never has. All we have ever done is love her. She has a habit of going under the covers, between the bedspread and cover. Recently we needed to take her to the vet and couldn't catch her. On rare occasions she gets in our lap, when she's cold….
We had a 10 year old Tabby Point when we got her, they soon became best friends. He died in March of this year. In June we got a Snowshoe Kitten, within 2 days she was a new mom and is the best Mom!
She always comes when she's called where ever she is hiding in the house.

Dec 22, 2012
by: Beatrice

Hi Marc,

You could say that about a person or animal, we are all different irrespective of our breed. My Siamese Pandy is the cutest little thing, but once she sees a new face or hears a new voice, she goes straight under the bed or chair to hide. It's perfectly normal, it's their form of defence and protecting themselves. So don't worry about it. She is being careful and mindful of herself!

Beatrice from Ireland.

Dec 22, 2012
Mine hide when people come over also.
by: angelina diantonio

Both my cats need time to warm up to guests.My cats are great and both have great personalities but they get scared when people come over and hide.I think it is natural and they all have different personalities.

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