Mako the cross-eyed shark.

by charlie

I kept Mako from Crystal's 1st litter because he had these real blue eyes that were cross-eyed and he soon developed this habit of ambushing people's ankles and biting them,playfully,he never drew blood, so blue shark = a mako.

his habit was dangerous because he got accidently kicked so often,sometimes across the room, that he was nearly called Dropkick. luckily he grew up with no brain damage and was an excellent cat, when i got home from work he would jump on the bonnet of my car as soon as i stopped moving,meowing at me thru the windscreen!
every time you said his name he would meow, even when he was asleep. he was always intrested in anything i did, always watching.
one time he come running inside frothing at the mouth, he must of tried to eat a cane toad which excretes a toxin thru its skin,so i grabbed him, forced his mouth open and washed his mouth out under the tap.
Mako and my thumb recovered nicely.
he liked dogs, playing with them like he was one. he even fetched sticks!
but that was his downfall, he went missing and i found him dead covered in saliva. he was 11 years old.
i was devastated.

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Jun 14, 2011
Poor Mako!
by: Anonymous

That's too bad. We only let our Zeus out when we are at home and he usually stays around the house. He does go next door to play with Simon the neighbour cat or over the fence at the back to chase the chipmunks at our other neighbours behind us. Fortunately in Canada there are not a lot of poisonous creatures in our towns and cities. I'm sorry you lost Mako.

Mar 02, 2011
indoor cats
by: angelina diantonio

I never let my cats outside for fear of them getting hurt or stolen.We live at a beach resort and tons of traffic,cars and people.Not to mention what animals are lurking around.

Mar 02, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

I am so sorry for your loss!!!!

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