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Sep 08, 2012
Male Siamese
by: Autumn Brooke

we are planing to get a 16 week old male Siamese to breed with out 2 year old female Siamese.. in the county we have un neutered cats roaming EVERYWHERE! we have started a breeding program.. a male stay comes along does his thing with our 4 females cats they get pregnant and we give away the kittens once they are 10-12 weeks old

Jun 17, 2011

Any male cat that is unneutered is going to be problems for the owner,neighbours and any other cats within 5 kms.
he is programmed to roam and mate with all available females and fight all rivals,he will pee on all trees,walls and car wheels he can find,he will never stop! he just uses your place for eating and sleeping, and i bet you that your neighbors hate him.
male cats kept for breeding purposes should be kept locked up permenately in a large cage/enclosure down wind from your house.
unneutered males are why non-cat owners hate cats
i used to have this neighbor who had this nice 25 ft v8 cruiser boat on a trailer,male cats used to get in it and spray their horrible scent in it so he set traps and in 4 years he caught 6 males and neutered them and let them go, they never came back! 2 he couldn't catch.he shot.
unneutered cats are a menace.
once a male cat is relieved of his nuts they become the best pets, free to think for itself and bond with people and other cats and dogs, they never seem to know what they are missing out on and are content.
off with his nuts.

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