Male kitten neutered and his sister acts like he hates him.

Hi I had my 6 month old male kitten neutered today and he is look fine playing and eating well. Since he got home from the vets my older cat who is about 16 months old is acting like she hates him. She keeps growling and hissing at him. She won't let him anywhere near her. She won't eat and is hissing at me when I touch her. He keeps trying to go to her but she slaps out at him hissing. I feel so sorry for him. I also feel sorry for her because she just looks sad. I have read this can happen but is there anything I can do to help them be friends again.

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Mar 01, 2012
My cat and kitten are a lot better now
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the replies. My cat and kitten are all ok now. They are playing again and my cat is washing the kitten again. They are not as cuddly as they used to be yet 'but its early days yet and things are so much better'. Cats are so strange. She was not like this when I took them both to the vet for their jabs. Lets hope we can stay out of the vets except for their jabs and I will make sure to take them both at the same time.

Feb 28, 2012
Second day and she is still very angry
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the replies. I am so glad that it will pass. I had a bad night last night with them. She kept chasing him growlling and hissing even hitting out at him and he kept coming to me for help. I tried to just let them get on with it giving lots of treats to calm her down. I think he just wants a cuddle and a wash from her. She doesn't want him anywhere near her. I have washed all the bedding from the basket I took him to the vets in so I hope that helps. I have also bought one of the feliway plugs.
I am looking forward to them playing and cuddling up happy again. I am so glad my husband booked the week off to keep an eye on them.
Its strange to see because he is the one pushing her around most the time and she is happy to let him.

Feb 28, 2012
Male kitten neutered.
by: Beatrice

Hi There,

YOur cat would have gone to the vets where there are other cats and dogs, remember dogs, other doggy smells, with the result that when he came home his sister is smelling dog and other cat off him and is very angry that he has brought these smells into their lovely home which just has their own smells. It will pass after a few days, once the vet smells subside. My cats do this all of the time after a trip to the vet.

Don't worry about it.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 28, 2012
A few days
by: Anonymous

Mine did the exact same thing. Not sure if it's the Vet smell, or what. They will eventually go back to acting normal, but you may see them fighting for a few days first.

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