Mali the Meezer. Our new girl.

by Dee

I have always wanted a Siamese cat. I worked in a vet clinic a long long time ago, and fell in love... So the other day my husband finally agreed. We have a calico who is 15 years and he was worried about the stress this would cause her. Anyhow she was a rescue kitten being sold out of our local pet store, 12 weeks and already spayed. As you can see she is a beautiful chocolate point who is, quite frankly, STUNNING. We are in love! She is fantastic with our six year old and patiently waiting for the calico to love her! My daughter wanted to name her Jasmine (from Aladin), but me not so much! We looked on a Siamese cat naming website and discovered that Mail means Jasmine in purrrrfect! I cannot wait to see who she grows into; she is already such a delight! One thing though...she rarely "talks" unless she is happy or surprised to see you. I am wondering when that adult voice really starts to develop.

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Oct 03, 2010
by: Heather

Beautiful little princess. I love her name! My cat doesn't meow like other siamese that I have been around. He will talk when he doesn't have food or needs water or his cat litter changed! The other times he talks is if I ask him a question, he will respond with an affirmative "Meow!"

Glad your husband caved! Sometimes introducing younger pets to older ones peps them up a bit. I hope this is the case with yours.


Aug 19, 2010
by: angelina diantonio

She is a beauty on the inside and out!You can tell just looking into her eyes.I have a Chocolate and Lilac both great with my kids.Mine are both 5 months old.Good luck!

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