Mesha and Sasha, the 2 siamese who owned Becky

by Becky Barnes

My two little siamse girls were born on Aug. 14, 1995, a day after my birthday. I brought them home in Sept. a year after the loss of my 24 year old son. I had always had siamese and had one at that time ( Misty). The girls were now my only children. They were spoiled with love and gave me so much love in return. we slept together and each had their place to sleep on me. They met me at the door, I could never sit alone, no clue when they got on me but that was the way we loved it. They were like velcro. Mesah and Shsah were as differnt as day and night, Sasha would let me dress her up while Mesha liked to sleep under the covers. They became sick and for 2 years I knew they had kidney disease. Of the two Sasha was the wrost. SO when Mesha became sick I was in shock, on Sat. evening she acted strange and believe she found her place to go to kitty heaven. She chose a chair in the living room that she never got in. I stayed up all night with her. We went to the vet on Mon. Dec. 5, 2011 and her temp was very low, they put her on a heating blanket until the vet arrived. I am sure everyone knew I was there as the tears flew but my little girl was not in pain, but I was. It was very hard but I did have Sasha, until she kept going to the chair in the living room. That picture is still in my mind. On Thurs. Sasha no longer would eat, the samething her sister did and now she stayed in the chair. Fri.Jan.6, 2012 I took her to the vet and she joined her sister in kitty heaven. I had Mesah for 16 years, 3 months, I had Sasha for 16 years 4 months, yes 31 days from each other. They both were cremated and I plan to put them together with Misty (age 15)the other siamese who I lost in 2003. My life is so empty with them gone. But as the vet gave them the shots I kissed each, told them I loved them and to go be with Max, my son. I know he welcomed them with both arms' as he was an animal lover. Instead of flowers we ask for donations be make to the SPCA as we tryed to do what he would have wanted. I am not siamese less and hte it, but pray one will find me soon. I don't find any in the paper as once I did. Have tryed the Siamese Rescue but they are oldre who need good loving homes but I need a bay to spoil the way I want. I miss my girls everyday. Once you have a siamese you never want another cat, but siamese arnt' cat's, at least mine wern't. they were always my liitle girls as I always had females. If you have a siamese please love it and enjoy every minute with it. They are so beautiful, loving, fun, they talk to you etc.They are your family and too loose one or two as I did was so very painful and sad Rest in peace Mesah and Sasha. I love you both and miss you much.

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Jan 12, 2016
Fellow Meezer Lover
by: Marianne

Dear Becky,
I read your article and was moved to tears. I too have two siamese girls ages 5 and 6. One of my girls is named Mesha and the other Priscilla. They are the light of my life. My heart goes out to you, and I pray that one day you find new babies to bring the joy back to your life.

Aug 19, 2012
Mesah and Sasha who owned Becky
by: Becky

Aug. 14, 2012 Mesah and Sasha would have been 17, it was their frst birthday we didn't spend together as Mesha left Dec. 5, 2011 and Sasha left Jan. 6, 2012, 31 days after her sister went. They had anohter siamese mate, Misty who I lost in 2003. On Aug. 15, 2012 Mesha and Sasha joined Misty. the three were mates for 7 years so it only right they be together now. So I have been without a siamese since Jan 6, 2012 and am lost. I have always had siamese and want nothing else, as siamese arn't cats but your child. I have a baby siamese due Sept. 23, 2012 and can't wait. They keep them until they are 11 or 12 weeks old but it will be worth the wait. I get pick of the litter. I am excited and yet it seem so far off. I will keep you posted on the new arrival of my baby siames. Looking for names !!!!

May 12, 2012
So sorry!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I can only imagine your grief.I am so sorry.You will always be a mother and cherish all those wonderful memories.I know tomorrow will be horrible for you.This is your first Mothers Day without all your babies.Hang tight and be strong.Remember they are all with you in spirit.Also remember how many beautiful kittens and cats need a great home like yours.Maybe you can find 2 or 3.

May 12, 2012
Max, Mesha and Sasha's Mom
by: Becky

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, but I am no longer a mother. I was too my son who I lost at age 24, also too my beautiful little siamese girl's Mesha and Sasha. They were such love and comfortor to me. They were there for me....always. They are now all in Heaven together but I miss them all so very very much. Max, 5-4-70- to 8-30-94, Mesha 8-14-95 to 11 - 5-11 Sasha 8-14-95 to 1 -6-12. I love you all and miss you. I have a hole in my heart tha tis very empty and the tears still continue to flow as I can nerever forget you nor would I want to. Thank you for the beautiful memories taht from time to time I must remind myself to think of that rather than loosing each of you who were my children with either two or four legs. Miss each of you as well as all the other siamese I have had the pleasure of them owning me.

May 11, 2012
Tons of kittens from tons of states!!!
by: angelina diantonio

Scroll down to look at the pictures on the right and left sides!!!! &

May 10, 2012
another adopt spot
by: angelina diantonio

May 10, 2012
thinking of you in your time of sadness
by: Lin

Becky how sad to have first lost your son and then your girls. I had a lump in the throat as I read your post. I really hope you find some new babies to love.
It sounds like you have a lot of love to share and any kitten or cat would be lucky to have you to love and care for them.
I lost one of my cats two and half years ago. He was 19 years old and also had renal trouble. I still miss him and often think of him. I now have two little Siamese cats under two. I love them so much. They have helped me fill that gap left in my heart when I lost my first cat.
I hope you can fill the gap left by your loss as I have.
God bless.

May 10, 2012
google siamese rescues in your area
by: angelina diantonio

Tons of kittens to be found. Look at Petsmart and Petfinder also : & . Mine were rescued from a kill shelter in Virginia.Humane Society of Amherst County Virginia

May 10, 2012
So sorry for your losses.
by: angelina diantonio

I am in tears and went through the same with my two girls in the last few years.I miss them so.They led me to my two new babies.I found them through and traveled to pick them up!!!!!Best additions to compiment my family.We have a chocolate and lilac siamese brother and sister!!!Good luck!!!

May 10, 2012
by: Beatrice

HI Becky,

I am so sorry for your recent losses, your son and your two beautiful Siamese cats, you must miss them terribly. I have one here, a chocolate point, Pandy, and she is great.

You brought tears to my eyes reading about their last few moments on this earth and it was nice that you had a kind vet. I do hope that you get a replacement soon as clearly you are a wonderfully caring person.

With my very best wishes,

Beatrice from Wicklow in Ireland.

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