Mixed Siamese Kittens

by Anna



Baby the darkest

So we have in our compound a young tomcat, roaming around freely. He has blue eyes and looks a bit like Siamese/Siamese cross.

While I was busy in hospital with my husband, our kitty got out and now we have 3 kittens to deal with. (My fault completely, but husband's health, and at that point - his life, were more important.

Kittens were born on May 1st, so only 2 days old.

My female cat is black, with one white whisker, but in sunlight, you can see that she actually has stripes. (She is also a bobtail, somebody just kicked her out in our compound, and she demanded that she will live with us).

All 3 kittens were born creamy white, but one is starting to show light stripes on his tail end. He has a bit of brown colouring on his nose and the edge of his ears is turning slightly darker.

I will add the pictures for you
and my question is
does tomcat look like Siamese/Siamese cross, and is there a chance babies will look alike him as well?

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May 04, 2019
BABY is 3 days old
by: Anna

Babies are 3 full days old right now.

Sent an e-mail with a picture of the nose markings, if that helps.

May 03, 2019
Now I can see them better.
by: Lynn

Ok, now sense I put your page up, I can see the pictures better... he is definitely a Lynx point Siamese, probably a "Seal lynx point" what a cuty! I love the lynx points, I have one myself. Sense they were born white... yea that is the Siamese in them. And the mother is beautiful, I would love to see them as they get older, it will only take a couple of weeks for them to start showing their points.

May 03, 2019
Your kittens
by: Lynn

From the looks of the picture, the father may be a lynx point Siamese. So how old are the babies? Because Siamese are born white, and they will not have their points right away. The mother cat is beautiful, cant wait to see what the kittens look like as they get older. But soon the points should start to show.

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