Moving and Cats

When it comes to moving and cats, well, lets just say that for my older and more experienced cats, this is nothing new. However, cats as we know are creatures of habit, and moving can be a stressful situation to both humans and felines. 

Being a military spouse, there were some big moves that involved moving a pretty long distance. I will never forget Pudge, my first Siamese. I had wondered, are all Siamese like this? Pudge did not take the trip very well, and would constantly meow, and I mean like the never stopping meow. A couple of times we would get her some kitty sedatives. It helped some, but she basically just meowed in her sleep. 

Moving and Cats - Our latest move - June 2020

Pudge has been long gone now, and now its about 20 years later. Now it's me and my daughter DeAnna, and our five cats! We have made several moves, with cats in tow. We lived at our last place for about 6 years. We have just moved near Springfield MO. Three of the five cats, have had the experience of moving. My calico is 14 years old, then there is Reece who is 11, and CC who is 10. The youngest two are DeAndrea the lynx point Siamese and Peeves who has never been on a move. 

Cats Adjusting to a New House

So when it comes to moving and cats, you wonder how well will they adjust to the move and the new house?

The move was about a 4 hours trip, with them in their carriers all went well, except for Reece, she threw up during the trip. Reece has been known to be get a little car sick in a car, this we know from experiences to the vet and back.

When we brought them in we put them all in a closed room with food, water, and litter boxes. This is for their safety, especially when we are moving things into the house. The poor kitties did show some anxiety and confusion. Once everything was in and we could close the door, we went inside the room to check on the cats. The next morning, I opened up the door to let them explore the rest of the house. 

It really depends on the cats personality on how fast they adjust. 

One thing that makes adjusting easier is to let them see and smell familiar things. I made sure that they had close access to their blankets. Of course, most everything else that was moved had already had their familiar scents on them. 

Our landlord asked us if we didn't mind him leaving the piano, he did not want to move it out. DeAndra decided to become adjusted to it very quickly, and posed for a beautiful picture on top of it. 

DeAndra is our lynx point Siamese. This was her first move and she adjusted really well, its like she enjoyed all of this newness by exploring everything. Its just like a Siamese to be very curious. 

So moving and cats can be a bit stressful, after all they are cats, but they are smart and can quickly adapt to their new environment. Just remember to give them plenty of loving and attention, let them know that you are there. 

We moved into a much larger house, and they love running down the halls, and getting on the counters. All is going well in our new cat house. 

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