Muffie my 16 year old Siamese

by Barbara
(Phoenix, Arizona)

He is plagued with dental problems and already has 7 teeth extracted. Now the Dental (expert) Veterinarian looked at his mouth and feels that all his teeth should be extracted as they are riddled with decay and bleed. He drools a lot and cries out if cold water touches his sensitive teeth. Will I be taking a chance on losing him with this procedure? They have an excellent anesthesiolist. The cost of this is between $2,200 and 2,800.00. what is your opinion, please? I am so worried that he'll die as he has kidney problems, but still I don't want him to be in such pain. PS: We only have 4 days if we decide not to follow through with this, so I would appreciate your opinion in the next few days. Thank you very much

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Feb 08, 2011
Thank You, "Jan"
by: Barbara

This is in response to "Jan" who also had two Siamese brothers, as I did. I had explained how "Muffie"'s teeth had really gotten bad from disease and I had to finally (after so much agonizing and worry and concer that the anesthesia might kill him, went ahead and got them all extracted. Today, he has recovered after only 4 days and is eating like a horse (soft food)He sleeps a lot, but then he is 16 1/2 and that's all right. I let him have all the rest he needs. One note: when his precious brother "Fritz" (who was always so healthy) died, Muffie went into depression and mourned his brother for at least 3 months (and so did I), he also has been slightly depressed with his teeth out, just like he was when he lost his brother. But, He is a survivor the nth degree. He is bullheaded and stubborn and "ATTITUDE" that says "My way or the Highway". Jan, if you've had Siamese, I'm so sure you know of what I speak. Thank you again for your encouragement and affirming that we did right by our precious, wonderful "friend", Muffie. God bless you and all those who love our fur-babies.

Feb 08, 2011
Dental work
by: Jan


I used to have 2 Siamese brothers, both had their teeth out by the age of 10 because of gingivitis. They lived to 13 and 16 years of age. You have done the right thing, bad teeth from decay means that your cat's body is constantly having bacteria enter his system and weaken him. These days they have better anaesthetic that is ok to use with cats with all sorts of health problems so I think you did the right thing. Mine still lived on cat biscuits and loved them. The gums harden so that the can mash them a bit.

Feb 05, 2011
"MUFFIE" Update
by: Barbara From Phoenix

I posted Muffie's dental problem the middle of January. I am happy to say that yesterday, 2/5/2011, Muffie came through his dental extractions and is feeling a litle rough today, however, the terrible ordeal that I dreaded is over and he is doing fabulously. He is a strong little guy and I know his brother, Fritz is looking down from Kitty Heaven and is very very proud of his little brother. Muffie is so stubborn and fiesty and is his own person. I really believe that without his distinctive determination, he would not have survived. His kidneys have a slight elevation, but did not interfere with the dental procedure. I am praying that he will be with us for several more years. When he was a little kitten, I didn't like him because he always was so stubborn. Now, he has taught me to embrace and love his stubborn-ness and respect him. and his independent attitude. Our little fur friends have a way of slowly and surely teaching us a lot, which helps us grow to be larger-souled and more understanding human beings. Peace to all of you who are lucky enough to love Siamese/Himalayan fur "friends".

Jan 28, 2011
by: judy from longisland

Hope that you've been able to resolve this problem. Dogs and cats can do all right with multiple (or complete) extractions. Their diet then becomes canned or soft food, which they can eat very well. Again, the question is whether Muffie's kidney problems are so advanced that subjecting him to anesthesia and surgery will improve his quality of life. Having had to make these kinds of hard decisions over the years, I can honestly state that it never gets easier.
Let us know what happens.

Jan 23, 2011
Thank you for your input
by: Barbara

I am Muffie's Mama and I want to thank you for sharing your difficult experience and thank you for your prayers. I just dread to see Monday come. Muffie sleeps a lot and he has a lot of "spirit", its like there is a human in his little independent attitude. He has always been a strong independent "my way or the highway" Siamese/Himalayan. Now, it is so very hard to face that maybe he is nearing the end of that "independent" spirit I have come to know for 16 1/2 years. I want to get a second opinion because in so many instances, he has beat the odds and showed the "survivor" aspect of his dear personality. 4 years ago, he was diagnosed with 2 tumors in his belly. Not once has he ever shown a any symptom or problem from these tumors.

So, I am praying that some way, we can postpone a complete removal of all his teeth. I mean, I just don't understand what this vet thinks he can chew with or maybe he's aware of the outcome and just wants to come away with an extra $3,000 in his pocket. Some people are greedy enough to benefit from an innocent little 8 pound kitty's misfortune. Please keep praying for Muffie

Jan 22, 2011
A double-edged sword
by: judy from Long Island

This is a tough situation. You have a senior cat
with what sounds like feline stomatitis, compounded by kidney problems. Your vet needs to tell you in his/her opinion the extent of the kidney issues and the prognosis for a comfortable life if the surgery takes care of the mouth issues. If the kidney levels are advanced, you have a very difficult decision to make, as Muffie does not sound as though his life is very comfortable right now. Please let us know what you decide to do.

Jan 22, 2011
rescued Persians
by: angelina diantonio Please read my cat journey.I rescued my 2 Persians and I had to have all my cats teeth extracted.One at a time the vet did them.I literally bought his home for him.They did it one at a time.I think it was too hard all those times.Maybe it would have hurt too much all at once or put them in too much danger.I am not sure.Keep us posted !!! You are in my prayers !!!!

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