I want to show off Simon the Siamese

by Lisa

When the kittens were born he wanted NOTHING to do with them, but now he loves them as if they were his own. He's a great Uncle.

He's got all the Siamese looks but his paws are white. BUT also, his nose is chocolate, and I read that the typical snowshoe has a white nose. Whatever he is mixed with is a wonderful mixture.

He adopted us in 2008 after hanging out in the woods at our farm for about 3 or 4 months. Once he knew we were safe, there was no turning back. We got him fixed and brought him in the house. Now we are in the city and he is living it up. I don't think he misses the farm life too much.

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Siamese Jealous of a kitten?? Help!!

by Brooke Jeter
(Charlotte, NC)

About a month ago my boyfriend and I rescued Charlie, a beautiful lilac point 1-2 year old male. He was wondering around the campus of my boyfriend's brother's university, looking rather skinny, and did not have a chip so he came to live with us! Charlie is a sweetie, he talks to us, sits on the couch between us or stretched out on the floor nearby, and sleeps on the bed. He would climb into our laps and pur and rub up on us in the mornings, we fell in love quick. Then, one day Charlie the apparent escape artist decided to run out of our apartment fast as lightening... We searched for hours and were devastated that we couldn't find him. He had never been outside our apartment...

Thankfully the next day a neighbor spotted him, and had seen our signs, our baby was home! We then came up with the idea to get him a friend... hoping that a friend would make him happy and less likely to try and sneak out. I searched for a female siamese and found a 3 month old Lilac point kitten (she may be a lilac lynx in my opinion). She was a rescue as well, narrowly escaping being put down before her foster mom saved her. She is a little ball of love and cuddles, a very LOUD little kitten who follows me everywhere and is never more than a few feet away unless she's running around playing. Charlie never hisses or growls at her... For the first few days he would just watch in fascination, mostly ignoring us.

Now he has moved on to playing with her, which she enjoys until he gets too rough. He seems to eventually always try to bite her neck which she protests very loudly. Only once did I see her submit, and then he seemed to try and get on top of her in a way that did not look right... I clapped and he ran off.

Usually when she or I runs him off he makes this chirping trill noise, sometimes will go in another room and howl for a moment. I don't entirely understand what's happening with them... She is a bossy little kitten herself, she will try and eat his food, and he will let her if I don't intervene!

I hate how rough he is though... not sure what I can do to make it better, I try and fuss over him but he often walks off after a brief petting making it difficult... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I miss Charlie... he never sits on the couch anymore, and still sleeps with us but he's not half as affectionate and chatty. Btw I have had Pippa for a week and a half.

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Allergic to new kitten

by Amy F.

We have a 3 year old seal point, a 2 year old lynx point, and have just recently purchased a 9 week old lilac point. I have never had allergies of any kind to the first two, who we both raised from kittens, but it seems that I am somehow allergic to the new addition! Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them, or knows if it will go away once she gets her adult fur? Also wondering if it has to do with her being a lilac point? I really cant understand it! Thank you!

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