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My little Chocolate Point girl continues to do very well and the other cats have pretty much resigned themselves to her being a permanent member of the kitty clan. My German Shepherd, Emma and Jasmine are best buds. Interestingly, Jazz still calls after lights out, but settles down immediately when I put her in the guest bedroom to sleep. When I get up early to feed everyone and then go back to sleep, she settles on my bed and sleeps quietly until I awaken for the day. It is very strange. She's not hungry as there's food available for her. Just that small window from late at night to early in the morning that she wanders through the house calling. The other cats and Emma think that she's weird. I think she's just got a little quirk and if that's the worst and is manageable, I'll take it. (The Siamese in the middle picture is my very sweet and very shy Lilac-Point Violet, who lived in two homes before I rescued her.

The Calico in the lower picture is Autumn, who was thrown from a car with her three kittens, rescued by a Good Samaritan and adopted by me...a sweetie!!)

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Jul 31, 2010
Response to Angelina
by: Judy from Long Island

Thank you so much for your comment. Although I didn't mention it, Emma, my German Shepherd, is also a rescue. I used to breed and show German Shepherd Dogs until about l5 years ago, I realized that there were too many dogs and not enough "forever" homes, and rescued Emma about 9 years ago as a 4-month old puppy. She is a pure-bred Sable who lived with a family until the three-year old son became too rough with her. She lived with my last home-bred Shepherd, Magic, whom I lost about three years ago and my retired track Greyhound, Trevor, whom I lost this past April at age 14.(See photo of Trevor and Willow).

I see no reason for anyone to purchase a pet, as there are purebreds available from rescue groups.
I last counted over 7000 German Shepherds for adoption on and there are also many Siamese. There are also breed-specific rescue groups. Here in New York, there is a website for Siamese Rescue of NYC which has many wonderful kitties for adoption.

Thanks again for your comment and I would love to hear about your babies.

Jul 31, 2010
God Bless You !
by: angelina diantonio

I rescue my animals also ! So many wonderful creatures waiting to be loved !!!!! Beautiful !

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