My 1 year old Siamese vomits every night and is so skinny

by laura b
(summerfield, nc)

we can't figure it out. We have put our cat on a diet of ALL rabbit canned food only. Since chicken seemed to cause MAJOR vomiting and dry food as well. He also eats lamb as well. We have tried giving him a little bit of an antacid pill at night but it doesnt help. The vomit is food, usually a lot, usually projectile a little bit. HELP! He has no problem with using the bathroom. we got him from a breeder of show cats. she has been no help.

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Apr 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Have you had bloodwork done recently on your kitty. The vomiting could even be a sign of diabetes. Good luck, I hope you find out what's going on with your furry friend soon!

Apr 12, 2012
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone for the ideas. I will look into them all! What is so odd is that he does fine all day. Eats his breakfast and lunch, but then after dinner ( sometime after we go to bed) he vomits. NEVER during the day.

Mar 20, 2012
by: Kate

My Burmese is highly allergic to chicken - it is very hard to find a food with no chicken. We normally go for fish and supplement with a dry food that has chicken by product lower on the ingredient list

Mar 10, 2012
Hope this helps
by: Anonymous

Not sure how long or how old this post is but my siamese kitty was the same and after alot of testing at the vet we discovered he has megaesphogus which mean his muscles in his esphogus don't work and there for his food was being regurgitated. With blending wet food and getting him to eat from an elevated position like off of a shoe box the improvement has been great :)

Mar 08, 2012
please find a good vet
by: Terri

I'm sorry your kitty is so sick. Please take her to a good vet. Then maybe an allergist. I hope she will be ok. They can get dehydrated with all oof the vomiting, and not keeping anything down.

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