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Oct 11, 2019
My Siamese cat rarely meows
by: MaryKatherine

I rescued a stray Siamese kitten from my sister in laws house. A stray female had kittens and the Siamese kitten came to my daughter and she brought her home. Other than rarely meowing, she’s just like any other Siamese. She’s very active and playful, extremely loving, healthy in every way. She just doesn’t meow. I was wondering why so I looked up a lot of articles about this. Apparently I just got very lucky!

Jan 25, 2012
I had a silent siamese too!
by: my2wins

My first Siamese 30 years ago was a stray blue point "apple head" that adopted me when I was a 14 year old kid. He was as quiet as a church mouse, but was otherwise the most incredible and perfect little beast that ever walked this earth. (Seriously). When we met he was about a year old, and he lived to the ripe old age of 21.

He made the motions to meow, but when he opened his mouth, nothing would come out, except an occasional tiny peep.His meow sounded like a tiny voice whispering "at."

After having him hang out with me for about six months, while all the while my parents said I may not keep him, his original owners came back from living overseas, and they learned he had settled in with me in their absence. I found out they had previously named him "Wimpy" since his voice was so quiet.

(I was mortified at the name since I believed he was the most regal and spectacular creature alive, and the name was downright offensive to my 14 year old sensibilities. Not to mention who leaves a cat to fend for himself while they go overseas.)

When they learned that he was alive and well and living with a new family, they came over to gratefully "pick up their cat." As I handed him over with great sorrow, they said they saw the tremendous love between us, and they decided in that moment to let him stay with me. And even their children agreed to this. I'll never forget the joy of their decision, and I'm grateful to this day.

I had him from then until I was time about 30 years old. That meant all through high school, all through college, and well into my adult life. He's been gone for 15 years as I write this, and I still occasionally wake up from having had a dream about him and my heart is heavy with the loss.

But I digress. :}

Bottom line, he was a very unique Siamese and anyone who met him over his 20+ years said he was truly remarkable. He was like the "Mahatma Gandhi" of the animal kingdom. Warm, gregarious and loving, but as quiet as a monk. Years after he was long gone, his vet told me she remembered him by name in spite of having had thousands of cats come and go since. She said there was a special place in her heart for him, and he touched her with his quiet and solemn presence.

Where is all this going?

I definately agree w/ everyone else that you should first and foremost ask your vet about his vocal chord health to make sure he's ok. And get his kitten shots,* etc.

But assuming he's normal in every other way, you might just have hit the jackpot to have found yourself precious but quiet little beast. One of a kind and perhaps you have two decades of quiet joy ahead of you. Congratulations and please send updates.

*please read about vaccinations on before you get your kitten shots started. Bottom line: some vaccines are not safe and you should learn before you proceed

And while you're at it, read up on the dangers of feeding dry kibble.

Jan 25, 2012
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

It would worry me that he has not cried at all. Are his vocal chords OK? you should get a vet to check him out completely. I wonder if he is still in shock, as he was found out on the road. Could somebody have done something to him to keep him quiet?, one never knows. It sounds odd. Get a vet to check him out and examine him. The other possibility is that he got some type of infection and scarring developed around his vocal chords. This happened with my Burmese many years ago and now when he tries to miaow he cannot do so, but if he gets distressed, i.e. fighting with the cats next door, then he can howl.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Jan 25, 2012
Have a Vet check him
by: angelina diantonio

Was he checked by a vet?He should be checked and he will need shots soon.Mine are very vocal but all are different.I had two that were more quit as kittens.He can hear correct? Keep us updated.Give him lots of love and affection.Make sure you talk to him and soon he shall answer you.

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