my 2 yr old snowshoe siamese meows all night

by Kristy

i rescued Twiggy my snowshoe Siamese last march. I'm unaware of his background and any history of his as well. my assumption is that he either was a stray or his owners let him out at night. I do not like to let my cats out especially Siamese cats. 4 out of 7 nights ( sometimes more) he will pace from window to window meowing and meowing AND MEOWING almost like hes desperate to get out. He is fixed. and i don't want to let him out. he also tries to fly out the door during the day as well and hes so sneaky he will wait by the door and hes fast!! i notice when i run out the door he runs away from me and then stops, sits down and stares at me like he wants to play chase me. is there any suggestions on the nighttime ordeal we go through and also how to break him of trying to get out every time we open the door?

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