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My 3 adorable neurotic cats

by Barbara Mango
(New Milford CT)



I am a cat momma. My "Kids" are Oscar, Chloe, and Olive. Oscar, age 15 is an amazing hunter who loves leaving dissected rodent parts on our deck. He has litter box issues-in other words, he refuses to use it. He prefers the garage floor. It's a minefield. He also has problems with affection. One pat too many and he chomps/scratches fingers hard enough to draw blood. Chloe is 10 years old. She is teeny, weighing in at 7.8 pounds. She is sweet and affectionate as can be with us, humans. However, she is a complete diva and runs the show with her siblings. She is also insanely skittish and loves hiding in bizarre places. Olive is 2 1/2. She showed up on our deck during a blizzard. She was starving and terrified. She had been "dumped" on the side of a road, and left to fend for herself in 6 inches of snow. She is gentle and loving but has major dental problems. Olive has an uncommon dental disease. Her teeth rot from the bone underneath her gums and fall out. One day she will be toothless. I'll have to nickname her "gums". They keep me busy and keep me company. Love them.

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May 09, 2019
Amazing website
by: B Mango

Your website is filled with great information, insight, and tips. I own 3 cats, and thought I had a good grasp of feline behavior, etc, but I learning so much more from this site! Your information is extremely helpful for all cat owners.

May 09, 2019
adorable neurotic cats
by: Lynn

Thanks, Barbara for submitting your adorable neurotic kitties. They are so precious. I have five cats myself, each one of them at one time was stray cats. I wonder what causes your kitty to have bad teeth. I had one also that had to have teeth removed. She was 15 at the time.

Thanks for finding my site and posting.


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