My adoption diary

by Dean
(Seattle area, WA)

Being vigilant

Being vigilant

My new owner took me from the local shelter to my new home three days ago. He stuck me in a bathroom! It was nice and quiet, but nothing to DO there, so I immediately asked to be let out and explore. I wandered the whole house, checking for security leaks. I found none, but there were a bunch of closed doors. Fortunately, two hours later my owner's sister came by, and wanted to store some stuff in a room behind one of those closed doors, so I immediately followed her into that room and checked for security leaks there as well. I also got to climb a fake Christmas tree. There is also a nice linen closet ...

My new owner looked pretty silly taking me to a scratching post and trying to scratch on it, so I had to show him how it is really done. However, there is plenty of good food here, so I heartily recommend the place to other cats; just remember who is boss at this house ... I have established a nice relationship with the iRobot Roomba; I clean out the dust bunnies in the corners, and the Roomba picks up the rest of the stuff.

I have to spend my time following the owner around, seeing that he doesn't get into trouble. My owner's computer has a mouse problem, so I have installed anti-mouse software (as you can see from the picture), and I vigilantly monitor the situation.

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Apr 13, 2012
Beautiful cat, humorous story
by: Anonymous

This is the sort of CATegory I like to read.

Oct 26, 2011
so adorable
by: Lynn

Such a cute story, and so funny... I can see who already rules the house... and the computer desk.

Oct 23, 2011
He is stunning !!!
by: angwlina diantonio

Love the story. He is precious .I can see from his eyes he has a great personality. So happy for all of you.Enjoy and cherish each others company for all the years to come.Keep up the great stories !!

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