My beautiful boy Prince

by Charity
(White City Oregon)

This is my Lynx Point Siamese cat, his name is Prince. He was born July 4th 2011.

He is such a funny cat, he kills all the spiders for me, no matter where they are. (I am terrified of bugs). Me and my mother originally got him for the company and he quickly worked his way into our hearts, he is such a character, he loves his stomach rubbed, and has to be in your face at all times.
He loves sleeping in the bed with me, which is the picture inclosed. I woke up to this handsome boy on morning and just had to take this picture, it is my absolute favorite picture of my cat.
Living in Southern Oregon in the summer time, he loves to eat any flies that come into the house. We nicknamed him ninja cat because he can kill a fly in midair. He is so funny and so loving. We are currently training him to walk on a harness, since he is an indoor cat, we thought he might like to come out sometimes and explore the world with us.
He always lets you know when his food dish is empty, and come running from where ever he is the watch the toilet flush. He will chase his laser light for hours. We get tired before he does.

He is just an amazing loveable cat, and I thought I should share him with the world!

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Jul 21, 2012
by: Charity

Prince got bit by a spider one day, scared me to death. Your lucky you saw it before he did. XD Cats are funny like that.

Jul 19, 2012
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy! I always sleep better for some reason when mine is next to me! We have a fly eater too. I don't mind but last night a bee got in the house and it was either our little Miky or me, so I got stung. I'm so glad I saw it before he did!

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