My Cat don't eat :(

by Bsienn
(Grw, Punjab, pakistan)

My 6 month old Siamese male is driving me crazy. I used to give him Dry cat food, but he dosen't seems to like it. Then i replaced it with Chicken liver, which he liked much at start but then left it. Then i used chicken meat n he dont even touch it. I heared that Me-O cat food is not healthy so thats y i quit using that, But then he dont eat anything else. At my reagion there is no wet food or fish food, Tuna etc.

So i'm only stuck with chicken or Dry cat food. & it seems he dont like both of them.. Any suggestion plz....?

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Aug 07, 2015
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Mar 11, 2012
Any recipe u can dscribe plz? NEW
by: Bsienn

Ty both of u for helping me, Could you precisely describe any recipe home made for my cato, i love him so much, and want him 2 be healthy. He is god in shape but i want him to be happy with what he eats.

Plz describe any recipe with, chicken, beef (No fish food)

Mar 10, 2012
My cat don't eat NEW
by: Beatrice

HI there,

Most cats are very fussy eaters, my two eat different things every day; tuna, chicken, turkey and beef, but I have to vary it. You should not give liver to a cat more than once a week because it is too high in iron and is bad for them if given more frequently. They do like wet food. Could you mix the chicken with something savoury, maybe a nice tasty gravy, ? as chicken on its own can be quite boring. If you could get a good sachet cat food, wet food, that would be the best, but I am not sure if you can get this in your country.

However, if they are hungry, they wil eat. Hunger is the best sauce. Don't worry too much, your cat looks very healthy, nice bright eyes!

Beatrice from Ireland

Mar 09, 2012
recipe NEW
by: my2wins

There is a recipe for the healthiest cat food (made from raw chicken, rabbit or turkey meat plus organs and supplements) created by a very talented Veterinarian.

Check out

Good luck. Your cat is beautiful. God bless you.

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