My cat feels abandoned

by Kaile Lonero
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

My applehead siamese cat Lucy is the most lovly cat I had ever had. I have had her since I was six. she is now sixteen. three years ago I had to Move to Las Vegas, Nevada due to a seveare illnes, Lucy was to old to go on the Airplane with me my mother said she would die from the stress. I sadly watched Lucy as she put her front paws on the screan door and cryed as I backed out of the drive way. Its been three years and I really want to go back to see Lucy, but I am afraid that she will get attached and feel like I abondoned her If I leave again.

when I lived in Michigan Lucy would follow my every move and always go to the door and cry whenever I left the house. I Dont know If I can go back and allow her to get attached to me again like that, because knowing that I will have to leave again and go back I dont want to see Lucy at the door crying because I once again have to leave her. I want to see Lucy again, like I said she is a really old cat. but I always feel so guilty to leave her. Mabie if she diddnt get so attached to me. Ive been trying to see if the airport would let her ride with me on the plane but you no how loud siamese cats can get I dont think they will allow her to cry like that. Poor lucy I wish there was something I could do I dont want her to feel like I am abanding her anymore.

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Mar 16, 2012
So sad!!! NEW
by: angelina diantonio

She is 19 now?I cannot imagine having to leave my babies.Any way you could drive with someone or take a train and pick her up?How has she adjusted with your mother?

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