my cat is soooo naughty!

by Ashley

I have a gray kitten about a year old named Smokey. After comparing pictures I have determined she has to be part Siamese. Since I got her she has been hyper and mean. I have read about their temperaments and she doesn't fit the typical description. My cat runs through the house knocking anything over she possibly can (I swear she does it on purpose). Smokey tends to be "nicer" when only one person is home. (I live with my boyfriend and brother) She isn't much of a cuddler and only allows someone to pet her for about 10 seconds before she either swats, bites, or tries to scratch us. For the first 7 months of having her she would pee on our bed (in between us) or in the clothes basket, this has finally stopped (thank god) I have tried the spray bottle thing to train her that this behavior is wrong but she tries playing. Anyone have advice or ideas as to why she is like this? I love her to death but expected her to be a sweet cat.

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Feb 13, 2012
Soooo Naughty
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I am always amazed at how many cats pee in one's bed. This is frankly unacceptable and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. I can only think that this is a territorial thing with her and she is trying to establish her territory. Beds have so many human smells, after all it's where we lie when we sleep and in our partial nakedness, so it is bound to be a haven of smells/odours for cats and they promptly want to assert their mark too.

A bit of training it required here and be consistent in your scolding. Do not hit her ever, but raise your tone and change your voice and clap your hands each time she pees and then she won't want to hurt you, her owner, on whom her life depends. They are clever enough and will learn in due course.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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