My cat keeps breaking into the feeder

by Anonymous
(Somerville, MA)

I've had an automated feeder (the Super Feeder, from Amazon) for the past year and a half, and it's been great until this week. My part-Siamese has now figured out how to slam it hard enough to make a few pieces of kibble fall out, and is doing this almost constantly. Spray bottle training has NEVER worked with this cat - she just waits until I'm not in the room and goes right back to doing whatever she wants.

Has anyone encountered a problem like this, and do you have any suggestions? I've lived with this cat long enough to know she's not going to magically stop doing this (she's a princess, and a bit spoiled), so I have to find a way to block the feeder off from her.

Thank you!!

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Dec 24, 2012
by: darnel

i have a choclate point siamese and she also is very smart. when i sleep in to late for her she has found out how to turn my clock radio on to get me out of bed. she also knows how to open doors and on occasion has tried to open the refridgerater. you have nothing to worry about as long as you're smarter. hang in there!

Dec 04, 2012
Clever cats
by: Beatrice

hi there,

My Siamese Pandy goes to the bag with the sachets of food and picks out the gourmet sachets and slits them open with her teeth. I have come home to six or seven slit sachets with all of the contents sucked out.

But my Burmese is the cleverest of all- he figured out within a few days how to open the cat flap and pushed both knobs the right way with his big strong paws until the green opened, he knew the red was for close. He has escaped from cages in cat shows and there is not a cattery up and down Co. Wicklow who will take him as one cattery owner said " He just upsets the regulars"! We call him Houdini.

These cats are something else!

I don't agree with whoever said Kibble was poisonous, if it were why do vets and nutritionists recommend it>

Any comments welcome,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Nov 25, 2012
different solution
by: my2wins

Kibble is toxic to cats. Suggest switching to canned or raw. :} Your cat will live a longer, healthier life. For more info go to which is where I learned about the value of raw diet.

If you can't do raw, canned is next best. Look for no grain canned.

Nov 25, 2012
cat feeding
by: Lin

Siamese cats are very clever cats. I have had cats all mylife but now own two Siamese. I am shocked by how clever they are. I am not suprised that your cat can get the food out of the food timer.

My Siamese cats can open my wardrobe doors and climb in when they are cold. They open my kitchen cupboards and steal things. The even manage to steal the little tubs of wiskers treats and open them and eat them. They play hide go seek with me I hide and they come find me and Fetch. They follow me around to play and love it when I change the bed covers. They try and help.

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