My Cat keeps ripping out his stitches.

by Tara Brackett

this is Mr. Kitty

this is Mr. Kitty

I have a a siamese..not sure if he is blue point or lilac. anyway, he is an indoor cat and one day he got out, which is very unlike him to venture off. he was lost for a month and a half. i thought i had lost my baby. i was so upset..then one day iwas in the kitchen and i heard a meow at the front door and it was my baby. he had come back but he was severely injured. his color had somehow gotten up under his arm pit and i guess he had gotten hung somewhere and it had cut him open. the would was huge and very deep and VERY infected .ive never smelled a smell so bad. i took him to the animal hospital right away and he had to have 30 stitches and he was nearly starved to asuming because he is declawed he had a time catching food. the vet said he was VERY VERY lucky to be alive. he has been hom for 2 months now and because of where his stitches are, under his arm pit, he keeps stretching and ripping them open and they're taking forever to heal. im scared hes going to get infected again or get staph. i keep antibiotic cream on it that the vet gave me and i keep it as clean as i can but it doesnt seem to be getting an better. ive taken him to the vet 4 times to have him restitched. and the other day he started throwing up..which he has never done before. it was a lime green color and VERY thick...kind of like mashed potatoes. he did it twice in two days..i only givehim cat food. never human food. i dont know what he could have gotten ahold of to make him throw up like scared it has something to do with his wound..if something happens to him i will be devastated. i dont know what else to do.

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Jan 12, 2011
How is Mr. Kitty
by: Lynn

He is so beautiful. Is he getting any better?


Jan 08, 2011
In response..
by: Tara

In response to Judy's comment, the vet did clean the wound and he stayed at the vet for two weeks. The vet only decided it would a good idea for THEM to keep an eye on him after i had returned to get him restitched for a third time snd he was there for two weeks then came home. They just said because of the place that his wound is in that it would take a while for it to heal because its under his arm pit and when he walks, jumps, or stretches its going to tear the stitches back open so i jsut dont know what else to do but continue to clean and doctor ir..i mean obviously the vet isnt giving me any better advice.
and as for the color you were talking about, they tried it out but hey said he went nuts and wouldnt eat or sleep with it so they decided it wasnt a good idea.

Jan 08, 2011
by: Judy from Long island

I don't like to raise questions about your kitty's vet care, but it seems to me that you may need a second opinion about why this is not getting better. And, possibly, he needs to be kept for a few days at the vet's so that the wound can be monitored and professionally cleaned.
I'm still confused about why an e-collar was not utilized????????????

Jan 08, 2011
Poor kitty
by: judy from Long Island

Your kitty is lovely and looks like Lilac Point.
Could he be licking off the antibiotic cream that you're putting on? Ask your vet about an e-collar that will prevent him from getting to the wound.I'm wondering why he did not put on an e-collar. It sounds as though he's been through a horrific experience and how lucky he is to have found his way home. Please keep us posted on how he's doing.

Jan 08, 2011
you are both in my prayers
by: angelina diantonio

I hope he has a full recovery.Such a beautiful cat !!!

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