My cat will not drink water

How to get my cat to drink water

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Sep 02, 2011
from Sydney
by: Alicja

As it was said before: cats do not like stale water.
Thank god my Watson does drink water so I do not have to worry but he never drinks it out of his own bowl (nevertheless I keep always refilling it!).
Sometimes he drinks from the dripping tap, or licks off the water off plates that are in the sink, drinks out of my cup but his favorite is the fish pond!! He need to stretch and do some real gymnastics to get there but that is his favorite place to get water from.

What you can also try is kitten milk. Your cat might like that and drink it from a small plate. Even if it is not water you know your cat is getting some liquids.
You can also trick your cat into drinking by making the "water" taste like chicken. Why not cook some real chicken broth and see if they like it?
But please make sure you give it to your pussy cat in a plate rather than a bowl - some cats do not like when their whiskers touch the bowl.
Water fountain can work too but before you spend the money why not try something that does not cost you anything?

Good luck

Aug 11, 2011
Cats and water...
by: Kari

If there's one thing I've noticed in 27 years of being a pet to cats, it's that they don't like stale water. I've had picky cats, that I had to leave the water trickling in the bathtub for, or they'd just die. My two cats now, I have to pour out and refill the cup in the tub every time I go in the bathroom. They refuse to drink anything else.

Jul 25, 2011
by: Chris

When I first got my cat she was 7 wks old and she was hardly drinking any water. I bought a water fountain from a local pet store and she loves it. Now I don't have any problem with her drinking water. It cost about 40.00; but it was worth it. It also has filters on it that have to be replaced.

Jun 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

Our Siamese 2 of them don't drink water from there water bowl I noticed when I went to sleep I would take a glass of water to bed with me and they both ended up drinking out of it so now they have a glass of water in our bedroom and a glass by there food hope this helps

Jun 02, 2011
make noise
by: Darnel

I was told by my vet one hot summer to put ice cubes in my kitty's water bowl to entice her to drink the water. The idea works like this -- all kittys like to play so, by putting the ice cube in the water dish kitty will see it moving around and then become interested in what's in there. With this new discovery the kitty will have no choice as is their nature to further inspect the water bowl. I did do this with my kitty and it worked. I have since then purchased a water well. It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. It moves the water around in the bowl and has a light sound of rolling water. An oasis in doors for kitty. Who cold ask for more? If you can't find a water well just keep at it with the ice cube. good luck

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