My Cat!

by jenny
(Houston Texas U.S.A)

My cat Tipsy(the tip of her ears are brown)(we did not name her) she is so spoiled! She sleeps where ever she wants! even the the hallway closet or the desks! She "asks" for milk in the morning and wakes me up with louding meowing at 6:00(wake up at 6:00). now 8 yeas old and more mellow! WE LOVE TIPSY!!!

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Oct 16, 2015
Measures NEW

You know, I would do something in your case. You shouldn't let Tipsy do whatever she wants. She must know what is right and wrong. Cats are smart enough to learn that. My Larry was difficult to teach, however, I managed.

Sep 03, 2011
Love it !!!
by: angelina diantonio

Would love to see pictures !!!

Sep 02, 2011
mellowing cat
by: Anonymous

Well that's good to know at 8 years there's mellowing... means I have four more to go with my siamese girl. She loves to give her very loud "i love you" purr in the mornings before food and then at night once I finally crawl in bed. She is getting more and more bossy about bedtime :) I have a burmese girl who is a year older and they are the best of friends and companions.

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