My cats are fighting

by Teresa

Help!! I have a new shelter cat, male neutered less than a year old living in my house. My three year siamese lost her friend of many years a Shitzu about six months ago from a heart attack. She has been hisssing, fighting, biting all us us including the new male sweet cat. Fortunately he still has his front claws and she does not. I think that is the only thing that has saved him so far. We have broken up tons of fights and my Siamese has her ears all torn up and he has an eye that is watering now terribly. Hugh fight last night and we all got bit breaking it up. My siamese now is living in a cage in the house which is the only way to keep harmony in the family. I hate to take this shelter cat back to the old environment. She actually stalks him each and every time I let her out of the cage. He doesn't have a clue what she is doing. Help!! How can I convince her he is ok and not to hate him?

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Aug 05, 2011
Fighting Cat Breeds
by: Teresa

Thank you for your comments about my two cats fighting. They are still doing so. I do seperate them when it happens. It is every day all day. I feed them together but rotate them in a large cage at night so they will rest at night since they do not in the day time. One has a eye now that is half open and the other has a hurt foot. Will it never cease??????

Aug 05, 2011
Hope this helps...
by: Allisha

Unfortunately some cats just do not get along and that is a risk you always take. However there are steps to help this. Put your new kitten in a seperate room with his own food and litter. Keep it cut off from the other cat. Over time, switch them so that the old cat is in the room and the new one get to roam - so they can swap scents. Make the old feed in the room so that she gets used to the new scent of the feline. When she is calmer, start introducing them VERY slowly. First just a sniff. Then play from under the door, then through a baby gate. Keep a close eye on them and ALWAYS try to keep it a positive experience for both either with play or treats. As soon as a hiss or teeth are shown - seperate them and put the one back in the room. Keep swapping scents between them and have them feed near each other (on either side of the door). Hopefully she will grow accustomed to him. If not.. they may just be destined not to be together. =(

Good luck!

Jul 22, 2011
OMG how sad !!!
by: angelina diantonio

Oh how terrible. The poor cat is probably petrified !!! My two cats that I lost would have never tolerated a new one either. How old is the cat you have ? It does not sound like they will get along. The poor shelter cat. I wish I could help him.

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