My cats Packer and Crixus

by Linda

My cat Packer is 1year 4months seal point. She is so cute a really girlie cat she loves it when I put my makeup on. She plays with all the tubes and tubs. She really loves cotton buds and will play with them for ages. She loves company so we got a second kitten in November. Crixus are little Blue point is now just over 4months old. He is a little gremlin and Packer has her work cut out for her looking after him. He loves knocking things down and we have to hide the cat treats because he loves food. We are so lucky because they love each other and run around all day and most the night playing. Packer seems really happy to have a playmate.

They are our babies and they make myself and my husband smile every day.

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Jan 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Oh yes. I did name him after Crixus in Spartacus and my boy is just as cute.
Can't wait for the 3rd season.

Jan 25, 2012
by: Ariel

Did you name Crixus after the character on Spartacus?

Jan 07, 2012
Packer and Crixus love Dreamies cat treats
by: Linda

If your cats loves food try them on Dreamies cat treats. Packer and Crixus love them. We have to lock the dreamies away or the cats we steal them and eat the whole bag. They hunt the empty packs out of the bin in the houpe of finding an odd dreamie we may have missed.

Beatrice I will have to try Packer with a Emery board.

Jan 07, 2012
another cat lover
by: auntie glor

hello my darlings, they are absolutely beautiful
andl will definitely be coming to see them this
year-love-u-lots-auntie glor-xxxxxxxxxx

Jan 06, 2012
Packer and Crixus
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

This is a bit like our situation here in Wicklow, only our chocolate point Siamese is 1 year and 4 months, same as Packer, and our Lilac Burmese, Argie, is nearly 11 years old. He hates her as she has usurped his place in the affection stakes! Still in true cupboard love style, they cosy up togehter, happy as clams, when it is freezing cold and the wind is howling outside.

Pandy is the Chocolate Siamese and she adores her food, the kitchen in the morning is strewn with sucked dry sachets which she has managed to pull out of the big card-board boxes where they are tightly packed. They both, like yours, are intrigued with the whole make up business and get in my way when I am trying to put on the mascara, but they both love emery boards, I think that it is the rough surface!!.

Lovely photos of your two, they are so funny at that age, when their ears are really too big for their little bodies.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Co. Wicklow in Ireland

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