my cats tail is turning white

by Brittney

My cat is about 8 months now hes a great cat he is siamese is father is a lilaic and his mother is a seal point my mother has been breeding siamese cats for the past 15 years i have never seen a cats tail turn white there is a few pictures of it.. ive never heard of anything like this before and i hope that nothing is wrong at first he had a raccoon tail at first now its just about white on the bottom of his tail...when my mom first started breeding cats she started with a snow shoe and a seal point the kittens were beautiful not shes getting kittens that have white tails any suggestions?

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Dec 06, 2017
Same issue NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a Siamese kitten he'll be five months his mother is a lilac and dad a seal point his tail had started to get white from the top almost down to the end like a streak. His grandmother had white socks (fathers mother).

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