My Chunky Monkey

by Debbie
(Philadelphia, PA)

My Baby Marcus

My Baby Marcus

I was introduced to a female Siamese (Ming Ling) over 30 years ago and I fell in love with the breed. How could you not? They are so loving and love to talk to you. Our first two Kittens were males that we called Bamboo and Wicker. Bamboo came first and we loved him so much we went to another private home and bought Wicker. They were both Sealpoint as was Ming Ling. When we lost them we couldn't live without a Siamese (although we have rescued other Kittens) and our next little Boy was CoCo. He was so lovable that if you even tried to ignore him and you were standing he would climb up your body and hug you. CoCo also loved to fetch like a Dog. Kokomo was my next Kitten and another love. He slept with me just about every night and after an operation, he wouldn't leave my side except to barely eat and use his litter box. He was one in a million my special boy. I had my Kokomo for 15 yrs. and in Sept. of 2011, he passed away. I miss them all but Kokomo most of all. Koda is also another Siamese that is now 4 years old and another sweet boy. We recently adopted Marcus who is our first Chocolate Point Male. We have always had Seal Point Siamese. Marcus was just 4 months old on February 2, 2012 and he's as sweet as he is lovable. I call him my Chunky Monkey because he's such a thick and solid little Kitten. The only fault he has is that he's afraid of anyone outside of this house. He hides under a bed or couch and doesn't come out until everyone leaves. But he loves us and Koda and that's what counts. Just like people, they are all so different and unique. I will never be without a Siamese as life wouldn't be the same.

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Feb 09, 2012
Chunky MOnkey
by: Beatrice

HI there,

He looks so happy and comfortable and of course loved and well fed.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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