My first Siamese

by Rebecca harding
(Dayton, Ohio)



I adopted a Chocolate Point Siamese from the shelter almost two years ago. When I first seen her she didn't want to come to me or anything, soon as I started messing with another cat she came up and clawed the other cat (like she was picking me and the other cat couldn't have me). It took her awaile to come around and come out her shell. I have no idea what she has been through or if she has trust issues, but I still can't pick her up (If I do pick her up and she trys to get down 5 seconds later). Like I said its been two years since we had her almost three now. I have read everything on this site about siamese cats and she does everything they do except the fact I can't hold her for too long. So my question is, Could this be normal behavior for a siamese that has been displaced and placed from shelter to shelter then a home?

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Nov 06, 2010
Judy from Long Island Thanks a bunch
by: Rebecca

Persia has came a long way since we first got her. She is so spoiled lol. My son plays hide & seek with her and she loves its, he will chase her and she runs under the table and he runs back and she chases him too funny. I understand the importance of rescuing any animal from the shelter. So thank you for the credit. What I will never understand is why people get these pets and treat them so badly. Im not trying to pressure her in anyway, im just use to holding a cat and when I got her it was like no lady put me down. I want to thank everyone or anyone thats has left me comments and I just wrote this a couple days ago. Maybe one day I will see you all when I go to a cat convention (if I can find one here in Ohio). Thanks Judy..

Nov 06, 2010
Let Persia find her own comfort level
by: judy from Long Island

Persia is beautiful. Anyone who does a rescue deserves a tremendous amount of credit. I have four cats, all rescues, two of whom I have no background on, whatsoever. One is a cuddle-bunny,
(my Calico, Autumn), one likes to be picked up, but not for two long(My Chocolate-Point, Jasmine, whose escapades I've written about on the website). Violet, Lilac Point, came from a stable home situation and is constitutionally and probably genetically, spooky, but has come around beautifully in the 6 years I've owned her and Willow, a Siamese X, rescued as a kitten from a beach in Brookly, is thoroughly independent.

My point is that all cats have different personalities, temperaments and tolerances for prolonged handling. The fact that you know nothing about Persia's history leaves you with the task of bringing her out by trial and error. She seems to have come a long way with your patient treatment. I would not force myself upon her; she may start to reach out for more handling or may always be resistant. Violet will always be sweet and gentle, but no one but people who are constants in her life will ever see that. She hides and does not come out until strangers leave.

I believe that we have to accept our cats for who they are as long as they are not behaving in ways that are dangerous to ourselves or our other pets.
I have a feeling that allowing Persia to reach a level of comfort that enables her to feel totally confident will reap its rewards in her ability to be handled a bit more.

Nov 06, 2010
Thank You
by: Rebecca

Ok now I understand a little bit more now, wow there are some sick people out there. To abuse any animal is horrible. The pillow thing I will have to try, I went so far to put catnip on my hands just to pick her up, but like you said it takes time. Thank you so much.

Nov 06, 2010
by: angelina diantonio

I adopted two twin sisters who had been abused in a basement for 4 years.The abuser would kick and beat them,threw down just a bit of food for all the cats once a week,no water,no light ,no heat.Well you get the picture.The cats were finally found by the stink of all the dead cats.He had used the cats for breeding.Eight cats were found semi alive.2 died before they got to the shelter.Two required 24 hour care and could never be adopted out.1 more died at the shelter.1 cat went with one of the voluters .Then I walk in.These beautiful creatures were in a secluded area.Hiding in the back of the cage.The Doctors estimated the age to be 4-7 years old.They each weighed 1 pound and were so abused and pitiful looking.I looked at them and they looked at me and that was it.We all went home together.The first 6 months I could not get near them.Then my Aunt told me to leave them be.She said they will come to you when they are ready.They blessed my life for almost 11 years.I lost them both to the Iams pet food recall.Marchella suffered for 1 1/2 years and Rosalena went 3 months after, but fast.Both their livers and kidneys went.Rosalena had 8 strokes before we let her go.In 11 years I could never pick them up.Rosalena was afraid of her own shadow and Marchella's tummy hurt from being beaten years before.Permanent damaged.They used to sleep on my lap with a pillow.Put a pillow on your lap when you are on the coach or the computer.It might take time but your cat will come !!!! Trust me !!!!!

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