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Mar 03, 2012
Finally found you!
by: Julia from Portugal

Hi Terri

Just to say I now feel digitally empowered as I have finally found your photos of Daphne on Google, she is VERY beautiful.

I hope all is now well with her and she is less stressed, you too come to that!

Little Benjie was neutered last Monday, and behaved himself beautifully, however the 3 street kittens that my vet did at the same time were much less co-operative and mayhem ensued when trying to anaesthetize the little monsters...

And all in the name of charity!!

Feb 26, 2012
when to spay
by: Terri

Daphne was 6 months old on the 23rd. She is in the middle of her heat cycle, I thought she was done after 5 days of cat calls. Now after a week she has started up again. I have an appointment to have her spayed wednesday, but now I'm wondering if I should wait a couple of weeks until she is done being in heat. She seems stressed. I want her to relax and heal after surgery. Should I wait? How do you feel about discount spay programs through cat adoption?

Feb 18, 2012
Daphnes Vet Visit
by: Terri

I took Daphne to see out Vet today. He did not think she has an infection. He could not get any urine today as her bladder was empty. I would have to leave her for several hours. So I guess you are right Beatrice, she was leaving a trail for the boys to come find her! I bought a storage bin and made a big litter box, put the cat attract litter in it and boy did her brother Bailey have fun in it! He loved the way the clay litter rolled so fast on the shiney hard plastic! He played all night it seemed. I know he went in it and I think she did too. At least poo. No one used the old box with the corn litter. They were raised with clay litter which is what the cat attract is. I just thought worlds best cat litter would be good, but it is expensive. They have lavender scent or no scent, any suggestions? I think I might switch to clay. I would like to breed Daphne so that is why she is not spayed. Her brother Bailey is nuetered, just last Saturday. He is doing great! We will wait and see if she likes this new box , the size I needed only had the clear plastic, don't know if I like it, or if they do..

Feb 17, 2012
Persian Dark Girl
by: Beatrice

HI there,

I don't think that there is any point in going to the vet. You are right, she is leaving a trail for the males as she is in season. You'll have to decide what to do, but she should still use the cat tray, maybe it is just her little foible.

I do not think that she has a urinary track infection, you would know if she had, her pee would be concentrated, and very smelly and she would be urinating frequently.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Beatricde from ireland.

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