My kitten bullys my older cat anyone have some advice.

I have a 1 year old cat and a 5 month old kitten. My kitten keeps stealling my older cats food. If I give them treats or a little tuna fish. He will eat his so quick and then push her out of the way and eat hers.She just walks away and lets him. When my cat is laying on the heating or in her cat tree. He jumps up and pushes her off. Its like he wants everything she has. They get on really well. The are always cudled up together and jumping around playing. I just feel sorry for her when he takes her treats. I leave dry food out all the time but often when she goes to eat he runs over and pushes her out of the way and he starts eating. There is always food left out for them so they are not hungry.

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Feb 11, 2012
Thanks for the advice

Thank you for your advice. I do now feed the older cat her treats and food in enother room from my kitten. So I now know she is getting some. Last night I gave them both a little bit of tuna fish. The kitten went over to eat hers and she just started eatting from his bowl. That was a first she used to just walk away and get none. My kitten was so shocked he just stood there
looking at her for a while before he pushed her away. They do cuddle up together and she is always washing the kitten. so I think maybe it bothers me more than it bothers them.

Feb 06, 2012
they seem fine...but about that dry food
by: my2wins

...sounds like they are getting along great. Everything sounds like normal behavior. One cat will usually become the alpha cat, and the other(s) will be happy to be the follower. This isn't necessarily bullying. Its normal and natural.

You should be happy that they cuddle up together. This is a positive sign that they have a good relationship.

Just keep an eye on things to make sure there is adequate food being given to the less dominant one. And maybe give the youngster more food off to the side.

BTW, dry food is *very* unhealthy for all cats. My favorite article that describes why is here: It changed the way I look at cat food, and I'm very happy to share it with all siamese owners as it is a way to maximize the health of these superior creatures. :}

If you want your cat to live its longest life, consider throwing out dry food completely. The other options are canned, raw, freeze dried (w/water added). All food should be grain food, and ideally low carb, low starches.

Look at the ingredients. Avoid any food with grains, rice, barley, potatoes, tapioca. Minimize other fruits and vegetables. Cats are carnivores.

Cats that eat dry food will be vulnerable to a myriad of health issues as they age. I speak from first hand experience, and I have researched this, and now realize how critical a proper nutrition is for cats. Most vets do not know this yet, so you will get the wrong info from them. You'll need to learn for yourself. Good luck.

Feb 05, 2012
Kitten Bullies.
by: Beatrice

HI there,

This is perfectly normal behaviour. Your kitten is male and he is asserting his dominance aleady. He is also very young and just being playful. Perhaps if you feed them separately away from each other and at different times, that might help. Cats don't think like us, he is young and greedy and wants what she has. My Siamese cat, who is 11 months old, bullies the Lilac Burmese who is nearly 12 years of age all of the time. She has a voracious appetite. It is common among two different aged cats. However there is not that much of an age difference between your two, but the one being bullied is the female. I wouldn't really worry about it too much, it is not as if she is not getting sufficient food and they do cuddle up together for warmth, all former rivalries forgotten about when it comes to their own comfort. Typical cats!

Hope this helps,

Beatrice from Ireland.

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