My Kitten is afraid of me?Please help!

by Patricia


we just rescued a little siamese mix kitten (12 weeks old) and have him since 4 days. He is still shy and hides very often under the bed. He is pretty scared of both of us( my husband and me). So he comes out to eat and uses his litterbox but doesn't want to be pet anymore. I used to take him out when he was hiding and then wehn I started to pet him he was happy and purring, but today he didn't want me at all to pet him and every ime I approached he went under the bed. I really try to take good care of him and it is my first cat. I feed him, change his litterbox, give him treats,...
Is his behaviour normal? Does he still like me? I don't know what to do and am pretty sad. He approaches wehn I read something but doesn't want me to pet him...

I will be grateful for all advice



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Jan 18, 2012
I agree!!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I always have two so I forget one is lonely.Lots of love and attention.

Jan 18, 2012
I agree!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I love the string idea.Lots of love and snuggling also.

Jan 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Have patience, talk lovingly to her, but keep your voice low. Loud sounds will scare her more. Spend time just sitting on the floor, a few feet from wherever she's hiding, and encourage her to come out. If she does, do not try to touch her. Use a string to see if she will play. Let her come to you. Hold out your hand and let her sniff you without trying to pick her up. She will eventually trust you and let you hold her!

Jan 15, 2012
You will be fine.
by: angelina diantonio

Just give it time.The kitten is afraid and has been taken from its mother.New surroundings are always scarey.All my cats and kitten rescues have gone like this.Remember you have a baby.He will soon need you.Let him have a little space and trust me he will come around.Make sure his kitty litter, food and water are fresh and he will be happy.Here is my story and I hope it helps :

Jan 15, 2012
Kitty afraid of me
by: Beatrice

Dear Patricia,

YOu only have him 4 days so he hardly knows you. You haven't built up any relationship with him yet and he is only 12 weeks old. Try to think of how frightened he must feel, different faces, different voices and different smells. He will need lots of time, patience and love and once he trusts you, you will be his for life. But please give him time, nearly two months possibly and be consistent with your routine, feed him at the same time every day, change his litter same time, etc. cats are like children, they get confused if their routine is changed.

I do hope that this has helped and the main thing is that he will come to you when he feels hungry and gradually he will start to trust you but at the moment he is very frightened and insecure and that is why he is hiding under the bed. I had a cat once and he hid under the library case for 2 weeks and finally when hunger got the better of him he emerged out. Be careful that kitty can't go anywhere like into a drain where he may not be able to get out in his desperate search for peace and solace. The next two months are crucial, but hang in and you'll get there.

Hope this has helped.

Beatrice form Wicklow in Ireland.

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