My new boy

by Denise Stuart
(Grays, Essex)

In his favourite place - on  my lap of course!

In his favourite place - on my lap of course!

About 6 weeks ago I rehomed a year old seal pointed male siamese named Dominic. I had to drive from Essex to Ipswich to collect him and found that he lived in a family with one other siamese cat and many small dogs. At first he was very stressed in his new environment and he had not been neutered so I did have him urinating over my kitchen worktops a couple times but I kept the kitchen door closed after this and it naturally stopped. I thought he would never settle as he kept himself hidden away and hardly ever came out for food or anything and seemed so scared of us yet the previous owners told us what an outgoing cat he was. However, slowly but surely (it took about 3 weeks) he came out of his shell to be the wonderful, loving, lively cat we have today. I took him to be neutered two weeks ago and also discovered he had some gingivitis (which accounted for his really bad breath) but this was soon fixed with antibiotics and tablets that I now put in with his dried food to keep the plaque off his teeth (and believe it or not he loves these). A more loving, gentle, sociable cat you could not wish for and he is so entertaining he will play for hours with us with his 'tickling stick'. The only thing he seems to be missing is a companion as my daughter and I work all day and I think he is lonely - however, I am about to take delivery of a ragdoll kitten (I used to have one of these but she died of a tummy tumour), and I am sure they will be great company for each other.

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Jan 09, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

What a handsome boy !

Sep 04, 2009
by: Annet

Lovely story and it's nice that you give him a second chance. If you have read my story you know that's no problem to take another cat to give him a catfriend if it is a kitten or a younger cat! Good luck! And I hope you have many nice and funny years with Dominic!

Aug 23, 2009
Lucky "boy"!
by: Bénédicte

I thought about adopting an adult cat myself but the idea to leave him alone with my 2 other cats during the day while I was working worried be a great deal so I finally chose to take... 2 kittens.
After the "storm", things are settling down but it is nice to know they have each others!
What you did is great : every"one" disserves a second chance!

Aug 13, 2009
Your pretty new boy

I love your story. I too have adopted or acquired an adult Siamese. She lived outdoors, and with some time and patience has become the queen of the house. Your story is good for those who are worried about cats adjusting to a new home. I get that question a lot from my website.

Ragdolls are precious. Here is a fellow web builder who built her site on ragdolls.

She has a really great site.


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