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Nov 23, 2011
Siames cat biting
by: Anonymous

We cross when he was 2. He was very skittish and scared when he first lived at our place. He stayed like that for at least 6 months. He was always looking behind himself at every little noise or shadow he saw, and usually ran. I was scared of having him by our small dog (smaller than the cat)and didn't want him by our girls at all. He has been here now for almost 2 years and he is wonderful. It took about 6 months for himhis name is Simon) to get used to being here and then he was fine. I suggest you just give your new cat some time. Siamese cats are high-strung and nervous and they are especially so in new situations. I wanted to give Simon away several times when we first had him, because he was so unpredictable. But he is much better now. He is a very loving cat with his own distinct personality. He likes to bite me when I am petting him. He is purring away and gives me little nibbles--like love bites-and then goes away. I find though that i really have to watch him when he licks me. It is then that i know he will bite harder--almost like then I become his prey. Good luck!

Nov 20, 2011
thanks... :) but more problem.. :P
by: Aizaz

Thanks alot for the wonderful and helpful advice kate.. :)
but the problem with my cat is that she doesnt plays much.. though she smtym come and lies on our lap.. but then after sometime she scratches us n runs away...

shes really scared of balls.. n i dont know what toy should i use to play with..

for that.. v got 2 persian kittens... 1 n a half month old.. she somtimes growl at them and at the same time gets scared too... :/
m scared that she doesnt harms them..

Persian kittens are realllyyy cute... casper and daisy... :)
now v dont know will they live togethr or not...

Nov 19, 2011
Siamese cats
by: Anonymous

Syameses cats are very praticular about people they stick to 1 master and if you dont spend more then a hour with Her or Him thier mostly happy but if not they will fell left behinde Not wanted so in my Experience with Bella my Siamese/Snowfoot she does not like be left out. she will pur crazy she will rub on you but after that she will give up on being NICE she will go to Mean but if you pet her she will stop. I belive that if you spend more time with your siamese he or she will be happy.

p.s you might want to get your cat a feline friend if it is a girl get her a boy if it is a boy get him a girl. ( your cat will be happy )

Nov 19, 2011
by: Kate Cornwell

One thing I've learned from my own little Siamese, Kiki, is that patience is vital. You have to slowly and patiently show her what behavior is acceptable and what isn't. I've learned that biting is a common Siamese trait. This is the advice I've been given:

1. Never play with the cat with your hands or feet, only toys. They need to know your body parts are not toys.

2. If they bite, give a loud "No!" and take your hand away. If they continue, don't hit, but give them a "time out", say in the bathroom or somewhere. This has worked very well with my little one, but she is still a kitten and yours is older.

3. Some cats get overstimulated very quickly with petting. You have to let them show you when they are okay to be touched. I find with Kiki I have to approach her slowly with my hand and if she relaxes and lets me pet, she's in the mood for it. If she's playful she'll attack and I have to take my hand away and give her a toy.

I hope some of these things help. Also, if you've just gotten your cat, she may just need some time to get to know and trust you. Gentleness, treats and soft voices are great ways to encourage trust. I found Kiki as a starving kitten at 6 weeks (my story is up on the site here) and she was feral. She's now three months and after a lot of work, she is the most darling kitten. She adores me and follows me everywhere. So, patience is the key and lots of love.

Sorry for being long-winded. I really hope you can get at least a little hope from all this. :) By the way when I first saw the picture of your beautiful kitty I thought it was my Kiki. They look so alike. :)

Good luck.


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