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Jan 25, 2012
by: Beatrice

What a beautiful photo of Chance!

I think he is just protecting himself. He feels very vulnerable and is new to the family and is only trying to defend his territory and that is why he will trust the youngest of your children because he feels safe with him and feels he is not a threat. My Burmese doesn't like my husband at all, for no apparent reason, maybe it's because he is male, but he is kinder to women. We don't know what goes on that little feline brain. Please re-assure your cat that you or no members of your family are going to harm him and he will come to love and trust you and learn that you are not going to harm him.
Try to do the same things with him every day, have a routine as animals like children are like routine, they get upset if there is a change of pattern.

Good luck,

I am sure that it will all work out.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Jan 24, 2012
I'd follow his lead
by: my2wins

In my experience Cats are very intuitive and they know how to self-protect. If he's scared of certain people, and not others, there's a possibility he's reading their vibe correctly. It could be as simple as people are touching him wrong, (rubbing his fur against the grain) which makes him react badly, or it could be as complex as he knows they're not a kind spirit. Or it could be something subtle like their smell. (i.e. Do they smoke? Do they kill animals for a living?) Here's an example: I used to date a butcher 20 years ago and my cats ran under the bed and stayed there all day when he was over. He was also a hunter that spent weekends killing deer. I always think the cats knew he wasn't the kind of guy that they were safe around. Just something to think about. More likely he's just sensing something subtle. Many people aren't cat people, and I think they know that. The bottom line is let him have his space around people he's skittish around.

Jan 24, 2012
So handsome !!!
by: angelina diantonio

I can tell he is playful.He is a baby remember and you need to treat him as such.Just as a baby will bite say no ,no .Be gentle and loving.You will all learn together.Try a piece of string or a ball when people come over.Give him something to play with and occupy himself.He may be a bit fearful and is protecting himself.He may be protecting the children also.Just reassure him everything is ok and he cannot bite.Keep us posted and we love pictures.

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