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Jan 27, 2012
aww thats so sweet
by: naomi

That's adorable they love your kids so much...I don't have children I have two toy Chihuahuas 4lbs new cat adores them.when I'm too busy the Chase each other from room to room.n my new cat has no claws " he was like that when I rescued him" I don't condone that at he cat throw around cat toys so my dog will grab a string with his toy tied to the end in her mouth and run fast as she can through the house as he chases the toy.its hilarious.I got the idea of attaching a toy to a string when my dog stole a ribbon from me n took off n he went nuts..he also steals bags of treats and brings them to my dogs to rip the bag open for him to eat them.lucky my dogs don't like the treats n don't eat started putting them away so he can't over eat them.n I don't have my dogs chewing plastic..I have to say there defiantly partners in crime.I can just imagine if my cat is so active with my much fun your babies must be for your kitties..also I've lost pets too,we can't replace them but new friends takes the sting away...;-)

Jan 18, 2012
GREAT !!!!!! So happy for you all !!
by: angelina diantonio

I will tell you the love of our cats is so wonderful.After the loss of my last two babies I was in such a sad spot.I think they sent me my new babies.It took a little time but we just blended in as a family.Everyone finally got on the same sleeping schedule and I love all the cuddling!!!I longed for cats who wanted to be with me and thats what I have found.It is funny as I watch how much they love my daughters.My oldest is 4 years old and sometimes the cats are wrapped around her trying to get her attention.She sometimes is in her own little world.My one and a half year old just loves them to bits.I am so lucky we are all a family.I am so happy for you.Enjoy each other! Keep us posted with stories and pictures!!!

Jan 18, 2012
great advice!
by: naomi

He wanted to sit on top of me and cuddle.I wasn't aware he was wanting to be so lovable.I have another siamese she is a sealpoint and isn't so lovable.she's more of a demanding bossy little thing who likes to do her own thing.and u were wright.I give him lots of attention and he blended right in.and the plus is now my girl is becoming more lovable...I been getting more sleep.tho he still wakes me up.not from yapping and grumbling.but simply because of the size of him n his favorite place to sleep is right on top of his is still just as clingie,but now he's not yap yap yapping at me about it.he just escorts me from room to room.and bullies his way in to my lap.he's never more than a foot away from drove me crazy at first because I thought it was because he was unhappy.but now I'm loving it.;-) its so great to have a pet be so attached.

Jan 14, 2012
Are u Petting and playing ?
by: angelina diantonio

It sounds like he is craving attention.Are you giving him physical attention?Mine both love to sit with me at my computer.As for at nite.You will all blend in as a family and have the same schedule.It just takes time and patience!!!

Jan 14, 2012
Drivign me crazy
by: Beatrice

Hello there

What can I say!. He does seem to be very clingy! He must understand that he cannot monopolise your time. YOu must be firm with him and set boundaries and let him know who is the boss. With animals you need to be firm and consistent. Do not change the goal posts. It will take time, but you'll get there. He is a remarkably beautiful cat.

With best wishes,

Beatrice from Wicklow in Ireland

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