My scared male Siamese cat need advice

by Lisa quinn

I have a Siamese kitten who is nearly one yrs old. When I first got him and him mum , he was very confident liked to play lots and wouldn't come to me for me to stroke him, but him mum was the one hiding as she is 8 yrs old.

But since he has been neutered he has gone worse he won't come to nobody he's runs and hides away from anyone, and will only venture around if he is with him mum.

Please help just don't know what to do never had a cat like this before.

Thank you


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Oct 15, 2015
Advice NEW
by: William Jack

The advice for your scared siamese is that you bring the partner of him so that he may be not scared of, or he needs some more love and careness so that he would be scared of something. For more you may Visit Getmyleather

Oct 09, 2015
When a cats goes new home NEW
by: Anonymous

coursework writing help uk When a cats goes new home he/she take some time to get settle just leave him alone he/she take 2/3 days to adjust with strange new smells and sounds and new faces don’t worry when he/she adjust they behave normal with you

Aug 31, 2011
In response to confidence cat will come around
by: Anonymous

I have two Siamese brothers a couple years apart. One is so outgoing and amazing and his younger bro is scared of anyone including me and my wife. He is 2.5 years old and has been like this since we got him as a kitten. He's weird too cause he is not like your typical Siam, ugly, short legs, bad hygiene, very quiet, keeps to himself. He LOVES his big bro though.


Aug 02, 2011
give them time and leave them alone
by: angelina diantonio

If you give them time they will come around. It sounds like they were in an abusive house before yours. I rescue cats and trust me they will come around.Keep us posted. It might take a few months or maybe 6 months .Trust me they will come around as soon as they realize they are safe from harm and in a loving family. Read my story ,just copy and paste this :

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